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DIY White Pumpkin Centerpiece

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What can you do with a hydrangea, some lamb's ear, a cupcake stand, some beads, and 
some pipe cleaners? Maybe create a fall white pumpkin centerpiece?

To be honest, a White Pumpkin Centerpiece would not normally be how I would decorate. I usually go for colorful things. The popular neutral colors of the past few years have just not been my thing. When I finally get used to the idea, now everyone is adding color back into their homes! A friend recently gave our family two white pumpkins, and they were the inspiration for this centerpiece idea. That, and some napkins….

This post is part of the Crafty Blog Hop hosted by Celebrate and Decorate. If you are here from Debbee’s Buzz then Welcome! To find more holiday craft ideas, keep reading to the end of this post!

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This centerpiece was so simple to create that I’m almost embarrassed to call it a craft! To create this holiday centerpiece I started with an ivory curtain-turned-tablecloth. On top of that I laid a beautiful crochet tablecloth that I got long ago at a yard sale, I think.

crocheted tablecloth

Over that I layered a floral gray table runner that I made.

gray floral table runner over a crochet tablecloth

The two white pumpkins along with these cute white pumpkin napkins that I found last year on sale would have made a nice simple, minimalistic centerpiece on their own. But I wanted to do something a little more.

two white pumpkins with white pumpkin napkin that says blessed

I gathered some supplies that I thought might go with the white pumpkins. I wasn’t sure how I could combine them or arrange them. It was like a mini challenge to myself!

supplies for making white pumpkin centerpiece-- lambs ear, beads

I do not have a tiered tray. Do you know the kind I mean? There are all different styles. So I don’t really have a place to put something like that. But then I realized that I had this little cupcake stand! (Here is a similar one that is actually bigger!) I usually use it to hold my coffee k cups. I probably paid a quarter or a dollar for it at a thrift store. Not long ago I had spray painted it white. Hmmm….

white cupcake holder

I slipped the dried hydrangea stem down the center, and voila! It stayed in place without anything else added to it!

huge white hydrangea flower dried, in a white cupcake holder

I had a good foundation to work with. Now to dress up my improvised tiered tray a little bit. You may remember my hunt for wood beads. I began stringing some of those onto a gold pipe cleaner, alternating with these pearl beads from the #DollarTree.

pearls and gold pipe cleaners

I liked how it looked, so I kept stringing them on. Then I wrapped it around the cupcake stand and twisted the ends together to form a complete circle.

pearl and wood bead garland

Then I made a longer one by twisting two pipe cleaners together. I used 2 and a half, I think. See what I mean by this being so simple and easy?!!! You just might see more of these bead-pipe-cleaner-garlands in the future!

large pearl and wood bead garland

The next thing I did was take a small bunch of my very own garden’s dried lamb’s ear and placed it inside the spiral of one of the cupcake holders. It was perfect! I didn’t need to add anything else to hold it in place.

dried lambs ear leaves in a holder

I added more bunches of lamb’s ear all around my centerpiece.

closeup of arranged lambs ear

At this point, I was very happy with my dried flora centerpiece! It was very different from anything that I had tried doing before now.

white hydrangea and lambs ear centerpiece

I wanted to add just a bit more to it though. I draped some gold and ivory cord from my stash around the table.

white and gold cord

And I propped up the cute “blessed” pumpkin napkins.

gold and white cord with white pumpkin napkin that says blessed

Are you ready to see the finished centerpiece?

white pumpkin centerpiece with dried white hydrangea flowers

Whoever would have thought that a cupcake stand, some dried plants, and some pumpkins could look so cute?!

white pumpkin centerpiece with dried flowers

And not only cute, but dare I say classy? Can something be both cute and classy? I hope so!

ariel view of white pumpkin centerpiece and hyrandeas

I hope this project has brightened your day and given you some new ideas for crafty decorating. : )

white hydrangea and lambs ear centerpiece

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  1. Liberty, what a creative twist on your cupcake stand! Your white pumpkins and hydrangea blooms are lovely. I ca n’t wait to get some hydrangeas growing here in Florida! Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Liberty, what a clever use for a cupcake stand! I do love neutrals, so I was drawn to the white pumpkins, lambs ear and white hydrangeas in your centerpiece. Very pretty! It was fun hopping with you!

  3. Good Morning!
    Such a lovely centerpiece and so creative too. Just like you I tend to gravitate towards the traditional colors of each Holiday season, although I do enjoy the neutral vibes when I see them in other decorators homes. White and gold are just so dreamy together.
    Great to hop with you!

  4. What a great way to use a cupcake stand. I like the white pumpkins, they are so much softer looking. Thanks for sharing this centerpiece. Your video of the beadboard sign was great! I’ve got some of that in my garage just waiting for a project.

  5. hi Liberty, what a creative use for a cupcake stand! The dried sage leaves and hydrangea blooms magically transform it and flanked by the white pumpkins it makes a wonderful fall or Thanksgiving centerpiece! I agree about color, I am a color girl too and so glad it’s trending back in style!

  6. Liberty, I’m a little late to the all neutral – white game for decor. You did an excellent job with your centerpiece combining the softest gray, silvery greens, and whites together. And your use of the cupcake stand has my mind whirling with ideas!

  7. Liberty, such a pretty display! Like you, fall to me is about rich seasonal, warm colors. I’m left “cold” by all the gray in particular. But, I do enjoy mixing different fresh pumpkins together for contrast — including the white ones. Liked that you incorporated your own dried florals into the centerpiece and how clever to use a cupcake stand!

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