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Miniature Soap Gift Favors

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Have you ever made miniature sized soaps? At Christmas time my daughter wanted to make shaped soaps for gifts for her friends. We enjoyed making them and I wanted to share what we did with you.

miniature soap gift favors

I bought clear glycerin soap blocks at Michael’s. I think I used a coupon– otherwise it can be expensive. You can find similar ones on Amazon. A two pound block made a ton of miniature soaps.

What You Need

Here is a list of all the supplies we used:

I already had a variety of chocolate molds, and they can be used for soap, too! This is a music note mold for candy lollipops. I decided to use it for miniature soaps, lollipop style!


If you have ever tried candle making, you know that it can be a waxy mess. Everything is hard to clean up. But with soap making, everything was a breeze to clean up because it was, well, soap! So the soap just washed right off!

In addition to using chocolate molds or silicone soap molds, you can also use flexible ice cube trays as molds! I found these Christmas tree ice cube trays at the Dollar Tree. They were perfect for cute little tree shaped soaps!

Before and After

You can melt the glycerin soap base in a quart sized glass measuring cup in the microwave, or you can also melt it on a stove top in a pan. If you melt it on the stove top, then you may want to pour it into the glass measuring cup for easy pouring into the molds.

After we melted the soap base, we added regular food coloring, and glitter. I also added peppermint flavoring. Afterwards, I realized that I had peppermint oil and that I should have used that instead. If we make them again (and we probably will) I will use oil for flavoring.

I have this cute music note mold that I have used before to make crayons. You can see how tiny they are by how many I can fit on a dinner plate!

The glitter really added a nice extra touch. We put green glitter with the green colored soap, red colored glitter with the red colored soap, and silver glitter with the dark purple soap. After pouring the soap into the molds, I put them into the fridge to speed up the hardening process. Since the molds were so small it only took a few minutes.


We wrapped each individual soap in a small piece of plastic wrap for gift giving. We mixed Christmas trees with music notes and put several into little treat bags. In the past we usually gave out something edible– so we had to be sure to tell people not to eat these! They are not candy! : )

music note soap wrapped in plastic wrap

The lollipop molds can be used without the lollipop sticks. I just liked using the sticks for some of them.

And of course I did make some chocolate music notes, too.

There are so many occasions that you could use these for– baby showers, holidays, birthday parties– just get the appropriate themed soap molds for whatever you need! They also make a great party favor when you need something not edible– for example, if you have guests who are allergic to various foods. Another reason to give an inedible gift is that it does not cost any calories for those who are on a diet or watching their weight.

Wouldn’t these make such cute stocking stuffers?!

What you can use for soap molds:

  • ice cube trays
  • silicone molds
  • chocolate molds
  • lollipop molds
  • candy molds
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miniature soap gift favors

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  1. These are cute and how cute would they be for a baby shower? Imagine them for a spring bridal shower?

    I never made soap but for favors for token gifts they would be adorable.


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