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Crayon Molds

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*Update! We made more pianos and music notes using brighter colored crayon pieces this time! Do you prefer the brighter colors or the darker colors?

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crayon mold piano and music notes

I have some chocolate molds in several different shapes.  I decided to try using them to make — crayons!  I had been saving up all my children’s broken crayons for this project.  I melted the crayons in a foil lined glass bread dish in the oven. You can see one of the molds I used in the picture below.


clear plastic mold for saxophone, violin, trumpet, and keyboard with pink candy melts and white almond bark in packages
(*This post may contain affiliate links.  By purchasing anything from these links, I may receive a small commission at no cost to you.  More information is available on my Disclosure page.)

I tried using silicone type ice cube molds for the stars and hearts, but they couldn’t handle the heat of the crayons.  I threw at least one of the ice cube molds away. The chocolate molds* work the best.

blue, purple, green, red, and orange crayons in various music and star shapes

These are tiny– about an inch, inch and a half tall music notes.*  I grouped the crayon colors into similar color groups when I melted them.

light green music notes, treble clefs, and bass clefs, with some dark green sharps

I gave these to my piano students last year at Christmas.  Can you see the glitter in the green piano keyboard?  I used glitter crayons for it!  My kids don’t like coloring with the glitter crayons, and I love the sparkle in my new shapes. I’m really happy with how they turned out!  They’re almost too pretty to use!


dark green crayon keyboard, purple crayon treble clef, blue crayon music note, light green bass clef, dark green sharp

I’ve been saving those broken crayons to make some more again soon!  They would make a great gift idea for the little ones on your list.  The themed ones are good for any age– if they are interested in that theme.

lots of various crayon shapes in music notes, a green keyboard, a purple keyboard
pinterest graphic for crayon molds using chocolate molds

If you want to see other posts where I used this mold to make chocolate, you can find them below.




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