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Video: How to Remove the Lint Trap Housing from your Dryer

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Have you ever needed to repair something, and coudn’t find a YouTube video to show you how to do it?  That happened to me when I needed to remove the Lint Trap Housing from my dryer.  So I decided to make this video for you and everyone else who might need it!

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This came about as the result of my curtains getting Very twisted in my dryer because they were caught on my Lint Trap.  That is when I realized that my Lint Trap was not going in all the way because of a build up of lint that had gotten past the trap.

So rest your mouse scrolling hand, sit back, and watch this short video.

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  1. Great information I try to use the vacuum cleaner in there and it is impossible. Why don’t they make them different? Thank you for sharing. Happy Valentine’s Day, Kippi #kippiathome

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