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Joy Beadboard Sign

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After our beadboard basement ceiling was finished, I had a bunch of pieces of scrap beadboard to use for crafts. I made some Fall signs, and now I have made a Christmas one! I hope you like how I did it, and that it inspires you.

Joy Beadboard Sign

What Can You Make with Leftover Beadboard?– how about a Beadboard Sign!

I was so happy to see these metal words available again at the Dollar Tree!!! I bought ten packs of them– and there are 3 in a pack for only One Dollar!!! They include the words Joy, Peace, and Believe.

supplies to make sign

Faith Inspired Projects

I started by using mod podge to adhere the top ply of a napkin to my beadboard. It was so easy to do!

[I have another JOY idea here!]
I used hot glue to add cording around the edge, drilled holes and knotted the cording for a hanger.

gold and white napkin and cord on sign

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    gold and white cord on edge of sign

    The top edge looked unfinished so I applied gold glitter hot glue. It could just be painted white.

    gold glitter glue on sign edge

    It dried quickly, because it was hot glue.

    I also used hot glue to apply my metal word from the Dollar Tree. I thought that would work better this time than using my Xyron adhesive, because of the grooves in the beadboard. But for flat surfaces, I would just use Xyron.

    metal word Joy

    My sign turned out so cute!

    Joy beadboard sign

    I love how it looks at my coffee station.

    Coffee station decorated in Angel theme

    More Details

    I bought my words when they used to be available at the Dollar Tree. I haven’t found any at a store in awhile. Although you can order online from the Dollar Tree, if you do they have a minimum order of 4-25 pieces depending on the item. I could not find any words on their site at the time of this writing. I did find some on Etsy, though!

    These words are very popular with crafters and non-crafters alike, so I do hope the #dollartree brings them back soon!

    Cutting Beadboard

    If you need to cut beadboard for a sign, you can use a jigsaw. I like using ours for small jobs like this.

    Christmas Tree Shaped Candles

    I just love candles in pretty shapes, don’t you?! Whether they are pine tree shaped, pine cones, or super fancy carved candles, I love them all!

    Paper Plates

    Aren’t those Hark the Herald Angels Sing paper plates so pretty? I don’t think I can bear to eat on them!

    Pretty Napkins

    Tuesday Morning has a beautiful selection of paper napkins. You can also find seasonal ones at Hobby Lobby and even Walmart.

    Gold and White Cord

    I was blessed to get my white and gold cord given to me. But if you need some you can find it here.

    What About You?

    Have you had time for crafting lately, or is regular life keeping you too busy? If you have been creating something, what are you making? I’d love to hear about it!

    DIY beadboard sign with step by step pictures
    joy sign step by step

    Thank you for Sharing!

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    1. Absolutely adore your Joy Beadboard sign. I know a person can use any size board they want; but was just curious on size o9f your beadboard sign? Great way in using up them scraps of wood.

      Now, I just need to go through my napkin stash to see what I can come up with.
      Thank you
      Have a wonderful week end.

      1. Thank you so much, Colleen! I gave that sign away as a gift, but for a rough guess I would say it was about the size of piece of regular 8.5 x 11 paper— maybe a bit larger like 10 x 12 or so. I hope that helps!

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