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How I made a Hymnbook Angel

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Do you have any idea how easy it is to make a Hymnbook Angel? I had seen one recently that was so cute. Then when I acquired an entire book of worn out hymnals for crafts, I was ready to try it.

I followed this video, which doesn’t use a hymnal. She uses a book, but the idea is the same, of course.

music pages folded into an angel shape

Here is my headless angel from the side. With a paperback book, you wouldn’t have the hard cover sticking out of the back like I do. But I don’t mind it that way.

angel book from the side

Faith Inspired Projects

Here’s the view from the top.

angel book from top

I had a wooden ball, probably a doll head, but it was too small.

wooden head too small on book angel

I had something else that was just the right size– a gold glitter Christmas ornament!

gold glitter ornament

I turned it upside down and placed it in. I haven’t hot glued it together yet, because I figure it may be hard to store that way.

book angel with ornament head

It looks so cute with my other angel decor!

Book angel with rustic metal angels

Now, there was not a “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” page that just happened to be on the left side. There was a different song there. So I tore out this page from another hymnal, folded it the same way, and tucked it into place. Perfect!

Angel song title

Then I decided that the wings could use a little more sparkly. So I added glitter glue.

gold glitter on angel wing

I also added extra gold glitter to my glitter glue. With all of that wet glue, the wings tried to fold backwards, so while it was drying I propped up the wings with some supporting boxes and things.

adding extra glitter to glitter glue

I’m glad I added the glitter to the wings!

closeup of Angel wing

It was a TON of folding, and my arm got tired, but it was worth it. This angel is perfect! It is such an easy craft that young kids could do it. After the wings are finished, it is a bunch of the exact same folds. Remember to watch the video that I linked above to see how to do it.

hymnbook angel all finished

I added another Dollar Tree metal word in front of my hymnbook angel.

Peace metal word and book angel
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Hymnbook Angel graphic

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