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Dollar Tree Oval Platter Embroidery Hoop Wreath

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I’ve been wanting to make this Oval Embroidery Hoop Wreath for 5 years…. ever since I picked it up at a thrift store! When I found these oval platters from the #dollartree, I knew they would be perfect for this wreath.

As you can probably tell, this hoop is HUGE! That’s why I liked it so much! I have a smaller oval one, too.

Christmas dollar tree oval platter, oval hoop, and tree branch

My 9 year old son assumed I would drill a hole in the platter to hang it– and I decided that was a good idea! So I did.

drilled hole

Faith Inspired Projects

I used a ribbon to tie it to the wooden part of the wreath.

black ribbon attached to oval platter

I used hot glue to attach this #metalword from the Dollar Tree to the platter. But I have to tell you that hot glue just doesn’t always do the trick, especially when there are temperature changes from warm indoors and cold outdoors, like there are on a door. To really secure this metal word, I should drill holes and use little bits of wire to tie it on.

metal word on plastic Christmas platter

I used hot glue to attach faux flocked greenery (salvaged from an old Christmas tree) to the back of the platter…. again– not the best attachment method. The sun likes to melt my hot glue on my wreaths…. sigh. Oh well! Either drill holes and attach with wire, or use a better glue like E9000.

gluing faux branches

In Progress…

tree branches attached to oval platter

These little pinecones that a friend and I salvaged were just perfect for this wreath! And hot glue was the right method for attaching them. : )

mini pine cones and Christmas platter

I added a whole bunch of them. It’s nice to have free materials from nature to use as much as you like!

gluing small pine cones

Then I hung it on the door using my Easy Way to Hang Wreaths on Exterior Doors method.

closeup of Oval Christmas platter wreath

Then I realized that the wood could use some cleaning up. This is the wood before I added Lemon Oil to it.

wooden hoop before oil

And this is the wood after. Doesn’t it look so much richer and happier?

wood hoop after lemon oil

I added little red pom poms on top of the black ribbon with…. some hot glue. Didn’t my wreath turn out fabulous?? Have you ever made an embroidery hoop wreath?

Oval Christmas platter wreath on white door
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graphic of Dollar Store platter wreath

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