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Saturday Snippets #6

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Around twice a month on Saturdays I am quickly showing you several projects that I have tried. Other people have already given the instructions, so I will link you over to theirs.

My goal is to share links to recipes and Pinterest ideas that I have tried, and then to let you know how it worked out for me when I tried it. It might be a success, or it might be a flop. Perhaps you would like to know if I have tried something in particular? Let me know! If I haven’t tried it yet, maybe I will, and then I can let you know how it went.

Today’s projects include two flops, and one good result.

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Okay, this was a really huge Flop for me. Have you seen this beautiful image floating around Pinterest of removable wallpaper?

I saw this pin, but at the time it did not have anybody who had tried it. Now, you can see that the person who tried it (and attached a photo) had the same results as me. The wallpaper is going the other direction!! And worse, the colors are off! The colors are a lot darker!!

Here is another pin (that has 74,000 repins!) showing how beautiful it is supposed to be:

I searched around online, and finally found the same wallpaper in the lighter colors, but it was REAL wallpaper, not peel and stick. I decided to use the Real wallpaper. Here are both wallpapers side by side, before I returned the darker one. The Real wallpaper is on the top, and the peel and stick is on the bottom:

What a difference! Here is the wall I used the Real wallpaper on:

To see how the entire bathroom turned out, click here.

Velvet Hangers

So I saw this pin about organizing your closet with velvet hangers. I have plastic hangers, but I thought that maybe the velvet hangers would allow me to fit more clothes in the same space.

I bought my velvet hangers at a discount store. I like the hangers well enough, but they were wider than my plastic ones.

I have a lot of t-shirts and high necked shirts— and those velvet hangers would stretch the necks too much. If I were a bigger size and had bigger clothes, the velvet hangers would work just fine– but not for me. I decided that they were better suited to my husband’s clothes, than for mine. They also did not seem to save any more space than the plastic ones.

I want to do a master closet makeover in the future, and I hoped that these hangers would help, but they did not.

Tomato Pie

Have you planted tomatoes in your garden yet? I am the only one in our house that loves this tomato pie. I have made different variations of it. I’ve seen some recipes call for bacon, without onions, etc. The crust on the bottom tends to get a little soggy, so I’ve even tried it with the crust baked on the side! It makes a great dip! I’ve used less mayo than the recipe calls for; I’ve used different cheeses. I love using my miniature yellow pear tomatoes along with red tomatoes. I think this is a great way to use up extra tomatoes at the end of the season if you have them.

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  1. Hi Liberty –
    Thanks so much for joining us at last week’s Friendship Friday party at Create With Joy!
    Our new party is live and I left replies to your comments on the blog!

    I love your blog (you are quite a busy and handy woman!)
    So many wonderful ideas (so little time and energy – lol!)
    Look forward to getting to know you – have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

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