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Scrabble, Fridge Magnet Version

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Scrabble is my all time favorite game to play. In my childhood I learned how to play various board games including classics like Checkers, Chess, and Monopoly. Sometimes we played them over and over because— well, when it is winter in South Dakota and you don’t have a television, a computer, cell phones, or the internet, there isn’t much else to do!

As I grew older I realized that I don’t care for board games that are group games. I like more one on one type games (because I like one-on-one conversations, too– I am one of those mixed up extroverted introverts). And while Scrabble is not one-on-one, it is close enough for me!

(Feel free to keep reading or just watch the video!)

Recently I was thrilled when my 8 year old son wanted to play Scrabble with me. It was my dream come true! Scrabble obviously involves a lot of spelling, so if you don’t enjoy spelling, you won’t enjoy Scrabble. While we played, I realized how much Math is involved, but we won’t tell my son about that!

When I see a giant Scrabble game like this one on Pinterest, it makes me smile.

I like seeing crafts made with Scrabble pieces, too. So when I see Scrabble games at yard sales or thrift stores, I started buying them for crafts. I even bought a French version! It has different number values for the letters. Eventually I felt like I had enough extra games to craft with them.

This is my idea for a Fridge Magnet Scrabble Game! This would also work if you just wanted a fun way to display a Scrabble game. Just wait until you see how I attached it to the fridge!

I had several Scrabble games from yard sales just for crafting with!

steam to get the Scrabble game apart

I used boiling water/ steam to loosen the paper off of the game board. It took at least 45 minutes.

starting to peel off the Scrabble paper

Half of it is loose! I used a lot of patience so I wouldn’t tear the paper.

half of the Scrabble game apart

Clear plastic wrap held the paper on my fridge with static!

plastic wrap to hold the paper to the fridge
plastic wrap is holding the paper on the fridge-- nothing more!

No tape or anything else was used. I was thrilled that I could hold the Scrabble paper to the fridge without having to tape it or damage it in any way. To cover the plastic edges, I made a border of magnets by using my @Xyron laminator/magnetizer. You can roll the paper through the rollers without electricity!!

putting magnets on the back of a maroon border

It laminates and magnetizes at the same time! My @Fiskars paper cutter trimmed the edges.

marooned laminated magnetized paper

I used cheap free magnets from telephone books but they were not strong enough

recycling magnets

So I purchased stronger magnets and attached them with hot glue.

strong magnets to hold the letters

Now we can play Scrabble on our fridge, or leave each other messages.

magnet on the back of wooden tile holder

I could put this in a picture frame with sheet metal behind it, instead of on the fridge.

I even have these cute little score pads. I laminated it so it can be reused with a marker.

laminated scorecard

The other side has a cute miniature Scrabble board on it.

laminated miniature Scrabble game

@Scrabble is my favorite game!

This would be a fun New Year’s activity, or a small group activity anytime you need something to do indoors.

Scrabble letters on fridge that say Before and Afters

Have you ever crafted anything with Scrabble pieces?

closeup of Scrabble tiles
My magnetized fridge Scrabble game
Scrabble letters that say Merry Christmas Before and Afters
Scrabble game modified to go on my fridge
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scrabble game on fridge
step by step instructions of scrabble game on fridge

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