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Pet Supply Area

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In our Downstairs Bathroom (which we had built and I painted and wallpapered, etc….) we have a Pet Supply Area. The cat litter box is to the left, and then the cat eats her food underneath the shelf. Then there are dog treats and all sorts of supplies and it was all spilling over. I decided to add something to help organize it better.


pet supply area before organizing https://www.b4andafters.com/pet-supply-area

Enter this cute little picket fence shelf that I found at a yard sale for 2 or 3 dollars. It was a dark hunter green. I knew I wanted to paint it, but I wasn’t sure where I was going to use it so it sat around for awhile. Once I decided where to put it, it was time to paint it. I let it be rustic and unperfect, to better match my repurposed Picket Fence Mirror and shelving. Also, it is difficult to paint something like this and make it look brand shiny new!

wall shelf with pegs https://www.b4andafters.com/pet-supply-area

I had to move the clock up higher on the wall. The picket shelf did not have a picture hook on the back of it, so I just tied some twine to it, and hung the twine on a screw. You can see it poking through the front in places.

wall shelf with pegs, and clock https://www.b4andafters.com/pet-supply-area

The shelf and the pegs really helped me organize things better so I can find it when I need it. And of course it made for less things on the shelf below.

wall peg shelf with animal supplies organized on it https://www.b4andafters.com/pet-supply-area

Adding the little white plastic crate on the top right helped me corral some things better.

You can see that under the cat dish I use an old white dish drainer tray. That really does help contain the cat’s mess when she eats, and make it easier to clean up. She is a messy eater.

The shelf used to be an outdoor plant shelf. Because of that, it is rusting in places. Painting it is on my list of things to do sometime. I plan to use spray paint. Would you use white, or which other color?

another shelf with pet supplies on it https://www.b4andafters.com/pet-supply-area

It looks much better now, don’t you agree? I mean, for an animal supplies area…. There is not really room right there for a closed cupboard, but maybe I will do something different here one day. It in the basement and is easily accessible for the kids who help care for our cat and dog, so it works for us for now.


The pet area all cleaned up and organized https://www.b4andafters.com/pet-supply-area

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