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Sweet Pink Kitchen Sink

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I had so much fun “styling” my kitchen sink with snowmen, that I decided to style it for Valentine’s Day, too.

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On the top shelf I put a spider plant that I repotted into this metal planter. I lined it with a plastic bag so the metal wouldn’t rust when I water it.  This is a great place for the plant, because the cat cannot reach it. This is my first time putting a plant on these shelves, and I really like it.

The soup tureen and the plate belonged to my grandmother. The little teapot was a gift from a friend.  I did not make the doily.

On the lower shelf is a wooden heart– a gift from a friend.  I like the swirly vase, though it is difficult to find just the right flowers to fit it.

I made the bird and flower background scene using scrapbook paper and my new laminator* that I received for Christmas. (I used a placemat sized plastic sleeve.)*

I made the pink doily years and years ago.

I got this little coffee set at a yard sale a long time ago. I think it was $10 for everything.

Isn’t the pattern so pretty?

I had this mini cafe curtain rod for years and finally decided to put it right here above my sink to hold this cute kitchen hand towel.  I used table scatter glitter foam hearts from the Dollar Tree to cover the ends.

This planter holds another spider plant that I grew from the large one on the top shelf.

Using my laminator and matching scrapbook paper, I made a soap sleeve that matches the backdrop.

I put Valentine paper on part of it, so that I could change the look whenever I want.  Now I have allll sorts of ideas for soap sleeves, so you might see new versions of these someday.

I hope that you have enjoyed seeing my Valentine styled sink!

Thank you for Sharing!

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