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Christmas Bathroom Decor

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Okay, I admit it.  I don’t usually decorate my bathroom for Christmas.  But last year I saw this cute snowman shower curtain and I wanted it.  I ordered it.  And it never arrived.  So I got a refund.  This year I ordered a different one from a different website and it came!  (But I’m sorry to say that it is now sold out.)

It was fun to hang up my new snowman curtain and wait until a family member noticed it.  They all like it.  I liked my holiday curtain so much that I ordered some seasonal ones for Christmas gifts this year! The green matches my other bathroom decor so well.

I like that my curtain will last all winter if I want it to; it’s not just for Christmas.  I might also look at those after Christmas sales, and see if I find any more cute ones for next year!  I do have another bathroom– I guess I could decorate both of them!

Sooo.. do you decorate your bathroom at Christmas time?  Do you have seasonal shower curtains that you use?


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  1. What a beautiful job you did decorate your home for Christmas! How do you manage to find such cute things from all of these different places? I’ve been looking for a few decorations to add to my bathroom. Thank you very much and happy Christmas!

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