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Framing a Mirror

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Before we moved to our house, we lived in a condo.  It had a standard mirror.  I think this was one of the first projects I copied from someone else.  I had seen it done here, and was very happy with how mine turned out due to her instructions.

I spray painted the light fixture from gold to silver.

If I remember right, I think my husband helped to cut out notches on the back of the molding to go over the mirror clips holding it onto the wall.

Here it is as I tested my cut pieces.  I hand-sawed them with a miter box–the best I had at the time.  At the bottom I had to go fairly high on the mirror in order not to have the molding go over the bathroom tile.

mirror with cut molding around it

And here it is finished!  I had to caulk between the corner seams and then paint over it– not the best option, but I was happy with the result!

It all looked a lot better after I added a picture at the top!


plain bathroom mirror


mirror with white molding around it


Thank you for Sharing!

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