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Disguise an Ugly Pipe

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Right at the bottom of the basement stairs, there is an air conditioner coolant pipe.  It is in a very inconvenient place on the wall.


plain ugly basement pipe on wall

Someone challenged me to find a clever way to either hide it or disguise it, and I think I did!  I looked online for ideas, and then came up with my own idea, using materials I already had on hand.

pipe covered with a green pool noodle
First, a green pool noodle…
pool noodle covered pipe, covered with green sparkly deco mesh
Attach some green deco mesh using green pipe cleaners….
closeup of bow added to hide ugly basement pipe
Add a bow at the bottom along with some pretty shower curtain hooks….

And voila!  A straight kind of wreath thing, decorating my basement wall!


pipe disguised with pool noodle, deco mesh, flower shower curtain hooks, and a bow
before and after pictures of pipe plain and ugly, then disguised


Thank you for Sharing!

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