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Dollar Tree Display

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Merry Christmas– almost!!

Last year from the Dollar Tree I bought and used a jute string of clothespins with Christmas trees on them to display my daughter’s artwork in the kitchen.  I think they are supposed to be used for displaying Christmas cards.  This year, I wanted some more, and when I went in, they had Snowflake ones!!


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I just happened to have these cute snowman placemats that I bought years ago for 25 cents apiece (I think) at Cracker Barrel at the end of the season.   This was a perfect way to display them on the wall!

I just used clear command hooks on my wall.  Then I made slip knots in each end of the string.

It could not have been easier to display these cute snowmen.

One of the reasons I enjoy decorating with Snowmen at Christmas time is that I can leave them out past Christmas.  Often, it doesn’t snow until after Christmas, anyway.


Here they are from the other direction.

As I sit here wondering what I might use them for next year….  oh!  I suppose Christmas lights would clip onto them very nicely!  Yes…. maybe you’ll see these again next year with Christmas lights clothes-pinned onto them….



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