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Plastic Outdoor Snowman Alteration

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I picked up this rather tall cute plastic outdoor snowman for free last year.

Plastic Snowman, Before

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Then I noticed that he was holding a pipe in his left hand.  Ugh.  I did not like the pipe!!   But he was such a cute snowman otherwise!

So I decided to alter this snowman and make him hold something else!  It is not really a snowman makeover– just a little alteration. Here’s what I did….

I took an awl and poked (rather pushed and jabbed) a hole in the plastic near the base of the pipe.

Into that hole I pushed and poked until I inserted one of my faux tree stems from an old Christmas tree that I had salvaged.  Then I hot glued the stems just where I wanted them onto the snowman, and tied an extra ribbon onto the stems.

Plastic Snowman, AFTER!!

Now he is holding an evergreen branch instead of a pipe.  Isn’t he even cuter now than he was before?!

When I first put him outside, he blew over.  I realized that he had a hole underneath, so I put an old broomstick pole into the ground, and put him over the pole so that he would no longer blow away.

If I decided that I didn’t want this snowman anymore, he might make a nice white elephant gift exchange gift! : ) But I think I will keep and enjoy him for awhile. If you would like to see the rest of my Outdoor Christmas Decorations, click here.

B4 and After!


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