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Pretzel Trees and Pretzel Cabins

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I showed you 3 ways to make a Campfire cupcake, but before I show you my entire Campground themed Cupcake Cake, I need to show you how I made the pretzel trees and cabins!

How to Make Pretzel Trees

I made large and small evergreen trees by using small and large straight pretzel rods. I laid them on silicone baking mats so the chocolate wouldn’t stick. It worked perfectly.

straight pretzel sticks

I melted green candy melts in the microwave on the melt chocolate setting.

green candy melts in a bag

I squeezed the melted chocolate out of an icing or ziplock bag with a tiny hole cut out of the corner, in a zig-zag motion.

green chocolate on a pretzel rod

Here is a large tree pretzel.

large tree made out of pretzel and green chocolate

After the chocolate hardened, I turned the trees over.

back of pretzel trees

I covered the trunk with chocolate, and again

covering the back of the tree trunk on a pretzel tree

zig-zagged over the tree.

green zig zags for chocolate trees

I might like the backs better than the fronts!

green candy melt zig zags on pretzels

To make a sage colored green instead of a bright green, I added a few dark brown, and white chocolate melts.

green and chocolate melting wafers

Once the second side dried, my tree was finished!

miniature pretzel tree with green chocolate

I ended up making 70 trees! It was going to be a HUGE Campground!

mini ever green trees made with pretzels

How to Make Pretzel Cabins

To make the cabins, I used frosting to hold the four sides of waffle pretzels together. Probably I should have used brown chocolate…. because it would have hardened faster and it would have matched better. But for some reason I was thinking frosting, like a gingerbread house.

pretzels arranged in squares

After the sides had hardened (which took a long time since it was frosting…), I added the two sides of the roof.

white frosting on square pretzels

Then I let them dry and harden before adding them to my Campground Cupcake Cake!

miniature pretzel log cabins

These pretzel trees and cabins really weren’t hard to make. I made them ahead of time, before the day that I actually made the cupcake cake. That helped spread out the work alot.

Pretzel tree on a cupcake

I can’t wait to show you the entire cake!!

pretzel trees on cupcakes

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