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Wreath Chocolate Covered Pretzels

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I wanted to try my own version of a chocolate covered pretzel wreath. I hope you like it!

Do you LOVE Chocolate Covered Pretzels like I do? Do you enjoy making them in different ways?

(Before I get started with showing you these chocolate wreaths, don’t miss my Chocolate Covered Pretzel Angels, Crosses, or Snowmen. I love them, too!)

Even with these wreaths, I could not stick to just one design. I tried variations. Which one is your favorite? How would you take this idea and change it/ make it your own?

Supplies Needed:

Green chocolate covered pretzel wreath

I do recommend that you watch the video for details not shown below!

You will need o shaped pretzels, white chocolate, green candy melts, and sprinkles.

Melt the wafers and the chocolate in the microwave in a glass dish using the ‘melt chocolate’ setting.

Dip some pretzels into green only. Then make a lighter green by mixing a little green into white. You can use almond bark but white chocolate tastes better in my opinion.

Alternate the colors on a silicon mat immediately after dipping, while they are still wet.

The pretzels will harden and stick together.


green o shaped pretzels

Add sprinkles before the chocolate dries.

sprinkles on a pretzel wreath


Christmas pretzel wreath

You can make smaller wreaths by using just one pretzel if you like.

0 shaped green pretzels

Use 8 or 10 pretzels for each large wreath.

finished chocolate wreath

Put in treat bags and give as gifts.

Christmas sprinkles on a chocolate covered pretzel

Or enjoy them yourself!

pretzels in the shape of a Christmas wreath

I like using my mini tongs for projects like this one.

If you liked my idea for a Chocolate Covered Pretzel Wreath, consider sharing it for others to enjoy. : )

chocolate covered pretzel wreath step by step directions with pictures

Get the Supplies!

step by step directions for chocolate covered pretzel wreath

Thank you for Sharing!

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