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Outdoor Christmas Lights and Decorations

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Today I am excited to show you my outdoor Christmas lights. One reason is that I finally have a camera* that will take good photographs of them!! I have really enjoyed learning to use this camera over the past six months.

Here are our outdoor decorations during the daytime….


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Here they are when it is just beginning to get dark outside…

The candy canes are new to us this year.  I got them on a great clearance last year at our local home improvement store at the end of the season.

The porch light burned out so since it is Christmas, I replaced it with a 97 cent green light bulb!

The lamp post had also burned out, so I replaced it with a 97 cent blue light bulb for Christmas!

The reindeer and snowman in the windows were given to me by a neighbor that was moving away.

This garden flag was a gift that I enjoy putting out each year.

Here are the lights at night time. The deer were gifts from the same neighbor that moved away.  Do the blue lights make it look like the deer are drinking water?

Here is a close up of the deer.

This is from the other angle. I think this is the first or second year we’ve had the projector lights, also bought on clearance at the end of the season.

We had some fog and mist one night, and this is what I saw!

Here is a close up of the front door.

I bought this rubber door mat over ten years ago.  It still looks as good as new.  The mat helps keep people from tripping over the extension cords for the Christmas lights. I can’t find this particular mat, but here are some other festive doormat options (with a matching garden flag!).*

Here is the outdoor plastic snowman that I altered just a bit. If you’re on Instagram you probably saw it there recently.

This was a $5 sign from the Christian bookstore a year or two ago.

I hope that you have enjoyed seeing our outdoor Christmas decorations!  If you missed seeing my indoor decorations, you can find them by clicking here.

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