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An Unlikely Valentine’s Decoration Idea

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Well, I think my ideas are unique. I suppose maybe all of us crafty people think that! Do you think that about your creations? I suppose we think that because…. it’s true! So tell me—how do you like this unusual Valentine’s decoration idea I had?…..

pink glitter pumpkins

It’s not unusual to dress up a pumpkin in various ways for Thanksgiving. But how about— for Valentine’s day?!!!

I just loved these little white pumpkins that were given to us. I kept saving them (like I do too many things….), thinking how I could upcycle/ repurpose/ reuse them. Pink glitter repeatedly came to my mind. Are you thinking what I am thinking?? : )

3 white pumpkins with mod podge, glitter, paint, foam brush

So I had kept these white pumpkins that I had used in November for my White Thanksgiving Centerpiece. I thought about making a snowman or something. Instead, I decided to glitterize them for Valentine’s day!
I used glitter, mod podge, and white craft paint.

To make sure I had enough pink glitter, I mixed two different colors of pink together. I tried just a tiny bit at first to see if I liked it.

light pink glitter with dark pink glitter

I mixed fairly equal parts with my finger.

finger in pink glitter

I used a baker’s wire rack to sit the wet pumpkin on after painting it with Mod Podge, and put a piece of paper underneath to catch the extra glitter.

pink glitter on pumpkin

For the second pumpkin, I decided to try this ombre effect by sprinkling glitter straight from the top, and I like this pumpkin better than the 100% glitter one. Do you?

ombre pink glitter pumpkin

The yellowing pumpkin would look better white, so I painted this third and smallest white pumpkin with craft paint.

white paint on pumpkin

When it was mostly dry, I decided to add the glitter without adding the mod podge, too. It was wet on top, and I loved how the glitter looked in the creases.

pumpkin being painted white

After they dried completely, I used them all as part of my Valentine decor. Who would have thought that pumpkins could be Valentine’s Day decor?!

white pumpkins with pink glitter on them

Let me know if you have any questions!

You can find some of my favorite craft supplies below!
pink glitter pumpkins step by step tutorial with pictures

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