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Organizing my Daughter’s Bedroom

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This post is part of a DIY challenge hosted by Terrie at Decorate and More with Tip. I’ve teamed up with 6 bloggers to show you a bunch of organizing tips! Hopefully, you are still working on your New Year’s resolutions and can use our ideas. If your entire house is already organized, then go ahead and just save this for later! : )

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If you think you need to purchase expensive containers to organize your space, then think again! Purple Hues and Me has some great ideas for using recycled containers instead!

bedroom organization with cubbies

My daughter has a lot of toys and books. She gets a lot of gifts for her birthday and Christmas and she wants to keep it all.

We moved everything out.

We found an Ikea unit for half price on Craigslist that had 25 cubbies!

I ordered two different kinds of cloth storage bins.

Now she has plenty of room for her books.

I put little clear Command hooks on the side of a different bookcase to hold her necklaces.

And I put even more little clear Command hooks on the wall for her ribbons.

You can see more of my daughter’s room, including the curtains that I made, here.

You may also enjoy seeing about her new ceiling light/ nightlight.

More Organizing Tips for a Girl’s Bedroom

Now that my daughter had plenty of cubby storage, we used one of them for her jewelry box, hair ties, and brush. I also hung a mirror in her room, and added a laundry basket near her closet.

Now that she has a mirror, and we moved her hair things from the bathroom to her room, she can get ready in her room instead of in the bathroom.

Hopefully, the laundry basket will encourage her to put her clothes in it instead of on the floor.

I’ve also insisted that she keep the path to her closet clear and free of bean bags or toy riding horses. If you don’t have a clear path to your closet, it is kind of hard to use it!!

The cloth storage bins are wonderful for toys that won’t easily sit on a shelf. It also allows the full square cubical inches to all be used, instead of just the bottom surface of the shelf. They are also perfect for scraps of paper from art doodles or programs from events.

To recap, Here is What I did this time:

  • Bought a cubby unit, as large as the space would accommodate floor to ceiling
  • Bought cloth storage bins for some of the spaces
  • Hung Command Hooks for necklaces and award ribbons
  • Hung a mirror
  • Added a laundry basket

What I’ve done in the past:

  • Bought a second hand storage bed (It sits 3 feet off the ground and has drawers, shelves, and play space under it built in! It also has shelves up top that she can use for books, a lamp, and an alarm clock.)
  • Bought a second hand floor to ceiling bookcase unit for games, puzzles, and toys
  • Added wall shelf and hook units for backpacks, purses, bags, and clothes
  • Made custom curtains
  • Installed a new Ceiling/Nightlight.
  • Removed the closet doors

Are you wondering about that last one? ….. Our house is so small. Bi-fold closet doors really take a lot of space, when you need every square inch. And they are forever falling off their tracks. So one of the first things I did when we moved in was to remove the bi-fold closet doors. And I don’t spend any time opening and closing or fighting with those doors. I love it that way.

Since my daughter is still just ten years old, I still need to remind her to use the organization tools that I gave to her. Every little bit helps!

organizing a bedroom step by step

Now for Everyone else’s great Organization Tips! Up next after me is How to Make Good Use of your Space by Terrie.

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children's bedroom organization step by step

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    1. Thank you Gail! My daughter read the post and all of your encouraging comments. 🙂 She is doing some organizing on her own some days. Other days– it looks like 10 girls played in there! haha

  1. Liberty your daughter should be so proud having a room like this. Love the pink and purple. Great idea on hanging her jewelry. Love all the little touches you brought into her room. You are the best momma ever!

    1. Thank you, Cindy. It sure does help when cleaning up if everything has a place. That’s my struggle in my craft area– I don’t have a place for everything! Maybe I should get myself one of those cubbies… My daughter read the post and all of your encouraging comments. 🙂 Thank you.

    1. I suppose it is easy to forget. I foresee painting that shelf in the future….My daughter read the post and all of your encouraging comments. 🙂 Thank you!

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