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Castle Photo Booth

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When my daughter was younger she wanted a princess/ horse theme for her fifth birthday party. I had a lot of fun creating a cardboard drawbridge castle for her, along with everything else.

For her ninth birthday she wanted another princess theme, but a little more grown up. She specified that her cake be standing up, and she wanted another cardboard castle.

So I set off to my local appliance store to find some cardboard. I was happy to find just what I was looking for! I found one gigantic piece that had held a special order of some sort of cabinet, I think. And I found another piece that was about the size of a stove.

I cut out squares along the top, and used an oval cutting board to mark the holes for the faces. You can use either a box cutter or heavy duty craft knife to cut through the cardboard. Instead of a drawbridge door, I cut two doors that would swing open, and attached a closet knob from my stash.

To paint the cardboard to look like a castle, I used silver spray paint, along with with purple, blue, and white spray paint.

castle photo booth with door
spray painted cardboard castle photo booth

I used a gold paint pen to draw bricks on the castle wall.

closeup of brick detail on cardboard castle photo booth

I wove some streamers and banners through the tops of the castle walls, but the wind did not let them stay neatly in place.

cardboard castle with door

My daughter and her friends (and their parents and others!) enjoyed getting their pictures taken behind the castle wall.

Cardboard Castle photo booth spray painted, for four people

With some cardboard, paint, a box cutter, and a little creativity, birthday parties or other events can really be a lot of fun! Your design may take a little time, but it won’t cost you very much money for all of those smiles!

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