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Winter Window Scene

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Welcome to our Christmas in July Craft Hop hosted by Terrie from Decorate and More with Tip! If the summer heat is bothering you, hopefully these inspirational thoughts of Christmas will cool you off a little. You can see everyone’s ideas at the end of this post! If you are here from Celebrate and Decorate, then thank you so much for stopping by!

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Often I get ideas for crafts when I am out shopping and see other people’s creations. Last summer when I was in Branson, Missouri, I saw these gorgeous glittery winter scenes painted onto old farmhouse windows. They were priced at over $100 each! So I snapped a couple of pictures as I thought about trying to paint my own winter scene on a window.

professional winter window scenes painted onto old farmhouse windows

I even already had some windows that would work! I salvaged two basement windows and they were just waiting for a project. I bought several different kinds of glittery paint, but then other projects needed finished first so everything just sat. Eventually I started painting. I started by outlining the tree trunks in black and brown paint.

outline of tree trunks on window

Then I made an outline of evergreen trees along a pond water feature. Already, I wasn’t sure my idea would turn out very good. In fact, I had forgotten something. I was going to try a sample painting on a small $1 dollar store glass frame to practice. But I forgot about that and went ahead with the full size painting. So I do recommend that if you try this project that you paint a small sample first. If I make another one of these, I will definitely be trying out some different techniques in my painting.

black paint outlining evergreen trees on window

I filled in the tops of the trees with green, but didn’t like it so didn’t keep filling it in. I lined the pond with some white glitter for snow…. remember this is a winter scene. Instead of making the pond a solid blue, I made a swirly pattern.

tree outline of winter window scene, with blue pond in glitter paint

It was at this point that I stopped taking pictures of my process. My painting wasn’t turning out anything like my inspiration….. I wished I had layered my colors differently, and designed my scene in a different way.

Then I realized that I could paint on the BACK of my window, and that the color would show through…. So I painted some green on the back side of the window to fill in the trees. That didn’t look quite right, so then I painted some white on the back of the green, to give more of the snowy effect that I was aiming for. I also painted white glitter paint on the BACK side of the pond. If and when I paint another window painting, I will paint on both sides of the glass on purpose, from the beginning. It was really fun being able to layer my painting by painting on the back of the glass. It was like being able to paint “underneath” my painting, and it saved my picture, I think!

On the front of the trees, I added white glitter for more snow. I put small silver glitter dots in the sky for stars.

The Back of my Window Painting

back of winter window scene that is painted white

The white paint cracked, but I think it gives a nice effect with the cracks.

closeup of pond water in window winter scene

I took this picture of the front outside my house and there was a cloud in the sky that reflected in the window!

evergreens painted on window

I stood the window up on my mantle area to take its picture and realized that my lamp matched the pond water!

blue lamp next to window winter scene

Below you can see a closeup of the glitter.

closeup of sparkly glitter paint in winter scene painted onto window

You may remember that I had drilled a hole to be able to turn on my lamp. After setting my window scene up beside the lamp, I had an idea– why not turn the lamp on and light up my winter window scene from behind?! So I did!

backlit winter window scene

Wow! Being backlit really gives this winter window scene a fabulous effect! If I were going to leave it like this for any length of time, I would have to add some braces to the front and back of the window.

light behind winter window scene that is lighting it up

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my winter window painting. I would like to do more things with windows in the future. So far, this is the second window project I’ve done. The first one was very easy, as I simply taped photos onto a window and then added hardware on the back for hanging. Have you ever made a window project?

old window with three sections, and photographs taped into each section

A window painting would be a great project for older kids, especially using dollar store frames! (Of course, children should be well supervised because it is glass.) What a great gift idea for kids to make at Christmas time, or any time!

Winter Scene Window Painting of evergreen trees and pond

Next up is A Vintage Flare Farmhouse. Enjoy!

For even more Christmas ideas, see below!

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  1. Liberty, I’m impressed with your artistic skills and that you kept going until you liked the results. Putting the light behind your painting was a great idea. It will be so pretty during the holidays.

  2. So fun and so creative! You never know where you will find inspiration, will you? The lamp behind it adds life to your painting!

  3. Your Christmas window is such a great idea with the glittery paint. I reminds me of the painted windows I use to do in the 80s. I have got to try this. Thanks for the inspiration.

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