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Floor Lamp Christmas Tree

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Our living room is small with a piano, a couch, and a double recliner.  Because of this, we have not had room for a regular sized Christmas tree in the past.  I’ve always just made do with the miniature tree that I have.  But this year, I pushed the couch over a little, and said to the kids, “I think we might have room for a full-sized Christmas tree, if it is narrow enough.”  I didn’t want to buy a tree.  And then I remembered our cat.  It’s probably best that we don’t have a normal size Christmas tree, because she might climb it.

Then I had a great idea! Last year I had disguised our basement support pole by turning it into a Christmas tree.  I decided to try the same idea with my Floor Lamp!  I bought a pair of these floor lamps with attached glass tables* brand new in their boxes at a thrift store more than ten years ago.

Floor Lamp Before

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First, I wrapped the pole with a wrapping paper tube to protect it.  I also needed a paper towel tube. I taped the lengthwise slit closed with masking tape.

Then I took pieces of an old artificial tree and started wrapping the pole with it.  The pieces are wire, and twist around each other easily, so I didn’t need any other fasteners.  I started at the top, and worked my way down.

Then I attached more and more branches at the bottom, until it looked like a good size. I put most of the branches toward the front.  To counter balance it and keep it from falling over, I put a weight on the base toward the wall in addition to shimming the front of the base up a little bit.

I decorated with purple lights.  They photograph a little pinker than they really are.

Then I put on aqua garland.

Here it is lit up at night.

Here it is lit up during the daylight hours.

Then I attached some peacock colored ornaments that I had bought last year when I was decorating the “Basement Pole Tree.”

I really like the colors.  I love these ornaments because they have tiny “alligator” clips that pinch onto the branches.  I was concerned that the cat might want to play with everything, but so far she has left it alone.

Here is another closeup of an ornament.

Here is a purple peacock with one purple peacock tail feather.

Here is a cross ornament.

And here is a hummingbird.

There is also a purple sweater ornament on the tree.

Floor Lamp, AFTER!!

What do you think?!  Isn’t it the perfect tree for a household with pets or maybe young children, to keep everything away out of reach?

I am thrilled that I now have a tall Christmas tree, even though it isn’t quite “full-size.”  I didn’t spend any money for it because I already had everything from last year.  And it has my favorite color combination– purple and aqua.    I like this color combination so much that I decorated my Miniature Christmas Pine Cone Tree in the same colors!

Here it is again, all lit up at night.  I just love looking at it!

There is plenty of room under this tree for presents!  (I will try to remember to take a good picture when the presents are there, and update this post.)  Does this post make you want to go find a floor lamp to turn into a tree?  All you need is an old artificial tree that you can take apart and use the branches, and the rest of the tree trimmings.   I hope that you have enjoyed this “Floor Lamp Makeover.”

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