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Gingerbread Decor in our Bathroom

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I want to show you my Gingerbread Bathroom Decor today. It all started when I found a Gingerbread shower curtain on Christmas clearance for $2.50. Then I just gathered other Christmas Gingerbread things from around the house to use in my bathroom.

Do you decorate your bathroom for Christmas?? I have used snowmen in our upstairs bathroom before, but I think I like this gingerbread theme better!

felt Gingerbread girl wall decor

I don’t care for all gingerbread styles, but I really liked the pattern on this shower curtain.

Gingerbread tree, candy cane, heart, house, man, girl

I hung a sign I made from a cabinet door, and Gingerbread finger towels that I already had.

Christmas shower curtain, towels

I’ve had these for so long I don’t remember where I got them. They were probably a gift from a piano student.

red towel with gingerbread house

They sure are cute, and coordinate nicely!

green towel with gingerbread man on it

I also put down a … Christmas Welcome mat! A coordinating bath mat is on my list for next year.

red and green Merry Christmas welcome mag

To the right of the shower I hung these cute felt gingerbread people, that you may have seen before in my kitchen.

gingerbread boy and girl next to a gingerbread scene

They are silverware holders!

closeup of gingerbread boy

Here’s a closeup of the girl.

closeup of gingerbread girl

I almost forgot to show you the garbage can! It has a picture of a Gingerbread village. It is an old popcorn tin. I found it years ago. It came with a coordinating puzzle (and probably popcorn) that I assembled and then gave as a gift.

gingerbread scene on a tin

On my list for next year is a coordinating toilet lid cover. I hope you have enjoyed seeing my Gingerbread Bathroom Decor! 😀 You may also enjoy my Patriotic Bathroom Decor….

closeup of shower curtain and towels for Christmas

I don’t know about you, but when my bathroom looks like this, it sure does put a smile on my face when I walk in and see it!

Christmas gingerbread shower curtain
Gingerbread Decor in the Bathroom pictures and text
Christmas Gingerbread bathroom decor picture collage

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