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Heart Shaped Cinnamon Roll

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I wanted to make a special heart shaped cinnamon roll. I’ve made a variation of these for Christmas and the Fourth of July, too! I hope it inspires you!

heart shaped cinnamon roll with heart shaped marshmallows

There are 4 cans of cinnamon rolls in this box. I only needed 1 of them.

box of cinnamon rolls from Sam's Club

Preheat the oven according to the directions, then grease a cookie sheet, using butter or crisco/ vegetable shortening.

butter being spread on a baking sheet

Tear open the can.

how to open a cinnamon roll can

Press at the seam with your thumbs or a spoon so it will pop open.

press to open cinnamon roll can

Take the rolls out of the can, then separate the rolls.

cinnamon roll after it comes out of the can

Then open the roll, straighten it, and twist it.

twisting a cinnamon roll strip

Here’s a video showing how I twisted the dough.

Lay four twists in the shape of a heart.

cinnamon roll dough in shpae of a heart

Then fill in the heart with the other 4 cinnamon roll strips. (There are 8 cinnamon rolls in a can– so you only need one can!)

heart cinnamon rolls dough

Bake, being careful not to burn it.

cinnamon roll cooking in the oven

Add the frosting glaze that came in the can, after the heart has cooled a bit.

glaze frosting on cinnamon roll

There never seems to be enough frosting,

pink funfetti frosting with sprinkles

so I added some pink frosting and heart shaped sprinkles from Pillsbury.

closeup of heart sprinkles

Lay a heart shaped paper doily on a large serving tray

pink paper doily heart

and serve for a Valentine breakfast or brunch— or for your Valentine.

pink frosting and sprinkles

Add heart shaped marshmallows to make it even more special!

heart marshmallows on cinnamon roll

Now if only I could get my vegetables to look this appetizing!

heart cinnamon roll

If you liked this one, you might like my Patriotic star or Christmas tree versions!

heart shaped cinnamon rolls with pink marshmallow hearts
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Valentine cinnamon roll on gold glitter background
Christmas tree shaped cinnamon rolls
6 pointed star cinnamon roll star

Heart Shaped Cinnamon Roll Step by step picture collage
cinnamon roll heart step by step

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