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Buffalo Check at the Dollar Tree

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Did you know you can find all sorts of buffalo check items at the dollar store?? I was a little surprised myself, at the selection I found (but then I did visit 3 different stores….).

So I want to share with you what I found, in case you want to rush to your Dollar Tree (or Trees) and get them, too!

dollar tree buffalo plaid graphic

First off– I did not purchase all of these items! I was tempted to, but I didn’t. I took their pictures and left them in the store.

I did buy the fleece scarf pictured below….

red and black flannel scarf

For the Kitchen

If you are loving a black and red theme for Christmas this year, then these mugs would be perfect! And you just can’t beat the price of one dollar.

red and black checked mugs

This cup is for fall, but we can be thankful all year, not just fall!

black and white mug

Here’s a dish drying mat…. And no this is not a sponsored post by the Dollar Tree– (I wish it were!)— I just thought that if I liked finding all of these wonderful things at the Dollar Tree, then you might, too!

red and black dish drying mat

Look– black and white platters, chargers, cloth bins….. I was so tempted to get at least one of everything…. but I didn’t.

black and white plaid at the dollar tree

Buffalo Plaid Items Available

Ornaments and Decor

These ornaments are of course two for one dollar….

black and red ornaments

And then I saw that you could buy one huge ornament for a dollar!!

red and black checked Christmas ornaments

If you haven’t yet noticed all of the buffalo plaid everywhere, you will now that you have read this! : )

buffalo plaid ornament
christmas buffalo plaid ornament

I bought everything in this picture, except the slippers. And later I realized that my son already has slippers in this color– and I have seen moccasin type plaid slippers at Old Navy and other places.

ornaments and slippers

Craft Supplies

I did buy both of these packages of little bows! I already used one on a present, and one on a wreath.

buffalo check mini bows

Buffalo Plaid Items Available

Do you have a preference for the black and white, or the red and black? So far it seems that people like both.

deco mesh

Gift Wrapping Ideas

I did buy this little gift box. I liked that it is upright, and open on the top– I could think of so many ways to use it!

black and white checked gift box

And I bought this one with a lid….

red and black Christmas gift box

I did not get this bow—- but wouldn’t it look great with my printable gift tags?!

red and black checked bows

On these gift bags, the snowmen are wearing black and white checked scarves.

black and white check scarf snowman

I bought this one– not only does it have a checkered scarf, the word Joy is checked.

black and white scarf on snowman gift bag


They even have red and black checkered things for your dog!!

red and black scarves

Well, did you see anything that made you want to run to the Dollar Tree?? You are able to order online, you know. You just have to get a whole box of whatever you want, usually. Like 25 of them…. So if you wanted that many of something– hop online to the Dollar Tree and order it!

Thank you for Sharing!

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