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Cupboard Decor with Fabric Trees

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After making various sizes of fabric trees, I decorated my kitchen cupboards with them, but maybe not how you might think…..

3 different sizes of fabric Christmas trees

Remember when I made the Fabric Trees in 3 different sizes? I had a plan for the smallest ones, and now I am ready to show it to you!

Fabric Trees Before Stuffing

fabric trees right side out

Here’s the video if you’d like to watch it while enjoying some Christmas music!

I enjoy decorating my coffee station area seasonally.

Christmas tree candles

So when I decided to decorate it with Christmas trees, I began by making cute stuffed fabric trees. I sewed on embellishments and used ribbon to attach them to the cabinets. You can see exactly how I did that here.

two small Christmas tree plaid fabric

I used snowflake shaped sequins…

small fabric plaid Christmas tree

And I used a string of pearls and a ribbon.

mini plaid Christmas tree fabric

I used Christmas tree shaped candles. I like candles that are in pretty shapes. Two of them are not candles though– they are salt and pepper shakers!

kitchen decorated for Christmas

Old fashioned Christmas candy…

old fashioned Christmas candy in a small dish

A glittery Christmas tree cutout I bought for $3.

green glitter on tree cutout

Holiday coffee k cups, and Peppermint tea. In the cupboards are different flavors of my homemade Hot Cocoa.

Christmas flavored k cups

Closeup of a Christmas tree candle.

Christmas tree shaped candle

I think these little trees turned out so cute. I hope you like them as much as I do!

More Details

My fabric and red grosgrain ribbon was given to me by Fabric Wholesale Direct. I have used the ribbon for so many projects!

Christmas Tree Shaped Candles

I just love candles in pretty shapes, don’t you?! Whether they are pine tree shapedpine cones, or super fancy carved candles, I love them all!

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