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Smart LED Ceiling Lights

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My kids absolutely love their new smart LED ceiling lights! And I love them too, because our electric bill has not gone up since we had them installed.

pink nightlight LED ceiling light

Although my kids are ages 8 and 10, they still like having nightlights in their rooms. They needed new fixtures for their ceilings, since they had not had ceiling lights before now. I really love the choice I made, and so do they!

For 7 years my kids had lamps in their rooms. It was finally time for ceiling lights! (But we didn’t know that they would only enjoy these lights for about a year because then we moved to Century Farms!)

I found these really cool lights on Amazon! No tricky wiring, just normal connections.

Turn the lightswitch on, normal light.

Flip the switch again, and a pink nightlight for my daughter’s room! This is what it looks like in the daytime.

And here it is at night time.

Flick the switch again, and both pink and normal lights are on! So fun!!

Here is my boy’s room.

He got a similar ceiling light.

Except instead of pink, we chose a blue nightlight!

Both blue and normal. It looks so cool!

You can even connect the light to an app to turn it on and off.

Be sure to order the color you prefer. There’s only one accent color per light.

More Details about Smart LED Ceiling Lights

We have never had smart LED lights before. We absolutely love them!! And I think they would make a great gift idea for just about any kid or teen…. or maybe even adult?!

  • I found these on Amazon for a reasonable price.
  • You do not have to use an App to turn on/off the light, but you can if you want to. (We have not used the App, but I saw it available on the box).
  • Only ONE accent color per light.
  • If your ceiling already has a light fixture, you just install this Smart LED light like any regular light– nothing tricky about it!
  • To change from color to regular white, simply flip your regular light switch a second and third time.

smart LED ceiling light
smart LED ceiling lights

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