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The Cutest Christmas Chair Planter

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Have you seen those chair planters? You know, where someone turns the seat of a chair into a planter holder? Well, when I rescued 6 chairs from my moving neighbor’s trash pile, I knew I wanted to make a chair planter!

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lighted Christmas Tree on a chair

After I made it, I wanted it to be Christmas-y so I stuck a Christmas tree in it! It was so simple and easy, yet it looks amazing! At least I think so….. what do you think? Feel free to rest your scrolling muscles and watch the video instead.

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    Rescue chair from neighbor’s trash…. Would you do the same thing? Yes, I took all six chairs….

    old black dining chair

    I took the foam off of the seat. When I saw that it wasn’t solid wood, I used it to trace out the shape I needed on a piece of plywood.

    chair without a cushion

    I marked a circle in the center. Then I drilled holes to make cutting with jigsaw easier.

    drilled holes in a circle in a piece of wood

    It worked! It took a little time and concentration, but I cut it with a jigsaw.

    chair with a hole in it

    I paint the seat with leftover black rust prevention paint. It was the only black paint I had….

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      chair with a hole cut into the seat

      I used a salvaged prelit Christmas tree for a plant, and I am so glad that I did.

      small evergreen tree on a chair

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        It looked a little bare, so I added free pine cones to the tree.

        tree with pine cones on a chair

        I could hardly wait for dark to come so I could plug in the tree! Isn’t it beautiful?!

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        tree lit up at night in a chair

        I may have done a dance of joy because this project cost me nothing but my time!

        Christmas tree in a chair planter

        5 DIY Christmas Ideas: Quick Start Guide

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          I hope seeing this idea has inspired you in your own creative endeavors!

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          Chair planter steps

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          Christmas tree in a chair planter

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          1. Curious if the tree was in some sort of pot.
            If not, how did you keep the tree upright?
            Love this and have everything I need to make it except black paint.

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