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Simple Robot Cake

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I made this simple Robot Cake for my son’s birthday.  I looked at several Pinterest pictures, and then made this version.  Instead of regular frosting, I just used real whipped cream with blue food coloring (and a little sugar) in it. If you use whip cream frosting, wait to add the M+M decorations until just before serving.  Otherwise, the color of the M+Ms will bleed into the whip cream, and it will look a little funny. (Actually, that will probably happen no matter what kind of frosting you use…)

Robot Cake Before

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I bought chocolate doughnuts in two different sizes, oreo cookies, and M+Ms for the eyes.  I covered a board with aluminum foil before I began assembling the cake. I baked an 8×8 cake for the body. Then I baked a 9×13 so that I would have plenty to cut a square for the head, and the feet (there will be leftover).

Check how far apart you space the head, body, and feet, by putting in the doughnuts before you frost the head, body, and feet. Then remove the doughnuts, frost, and replace the doughnuts.

Take two oreo cookies apart carefully, and use the white sides for the eyes, adding a brown M+M to each eye.  Use the plain sides of the cookies for the ears, or use small doughnuts.  Then add other color M+Ms where desired. Cut pieces out of large chocolate covered doughnuts for the hands.  Don’t forget the lollipop on top of the head so that it will complete the robot look!

Do you see something missing in this picture?  It is the large “neck” doughnut!  I remembered and added it later….


Here it is! You need the neck to connect the head to the rest of the body, of course….

My son absolutely loved it when I surprised him with this cake.  The piece he wanted to eat was the number 4, so I cut it right out of the middle. This was such a fun cake to make and eat!





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