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Snowman Styled Sink

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I noticed on Instagram that there was a group of bloggers posting their #styledsink each week.  So I decided to Style My Sink!  I’m glad I did!  These snowmen will last past Christmas.

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I had these shelves installed when we moved our cabinets to the ceiling. I am glad that I did.  I would rather have a window, but if I can’t have a window, then these shelves will have to do instead!

I just pulled things from my Christmas and snowman decor that I already had.  The snowman plate is from a coworker. There is a holly candle in front of it.  I love shaped candles.  The blue tin with Christmas trees on it had Ghiradelli chocolate in it at one time.

I put blue snowflake garland in front of it.  I was not planning a bright blue theme, but that is how it turned out.

I put a postcard from Lancaster, Pennsylvania’s National Christmas Museum in the front of this basket.  Sadly, that museum has gone out of business.  I went several times; it was a neat place to see different Christmas customs from around the world displayed, as well as lots of vintage ornaments.

On the lower shelf I put a Russell Stover tin with a winter scene on it.  It has a hinged lid, and is great for storing ornaments.  There are some snowflake shaped glittery candles in the foreground.

I think this tiered snowman balances out the left side of the sink.

On the right side is a miniature snowman wall hanging and another candle scene.   You can see more details of the little wall hanging here.

For now, it is hiding the light switch.

I can’t remember if I found this winter candle scene at a thrift store or a yard sale…  It came with a silver colored metal plate, but I thought it looked better on this glass cake stand instead. Can you see the glitter of the snow on the roof and the trees?

To keep the “snow” from falling off of the cake stand, I hot glued two layers of a silver glitter glue wall around the edge.  (I’m pretty sure that if I want to pull the glue off, it will pull right off so that I can use it for a cake stand again.)

I think it is such a cute little vignette.

My sink has a special stopper*– a treble clef since I love playing the piano.

I used masking tape to hold a placemat onto the front of my dishwasher.

This soap dispenser was a gift.

Sometimes the miniature snowman hanging is used to decorate the computer to the right of the sink, since covering the light switch is not practical all of the time.

What about you?  Do you decorate your kitchen or your sink for Christmas?  I am really glad that I did something that I haven’t done before.  It was fun, and looking at it all makes me smile.

Thank you for Sharing!

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