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New Windows

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This is part 6 in a series of what I/we did to improve the exterior of our house.    You can find where I painted the aluminum siding here, where I pressure washed the brick steps here, where we put in a new door here, where I painted the shutters here, and where I painted the door trim here.


(*This post may contain affiliate links.  By purchasing anything from these links, I may receive a small commission at no cost to you.  More information is available on my Disclosure page.)

Getting new windows put in goes with both the outside and the inside of the house– it’s pretty equal! The houses in our development are all around thirty years old.  Most of them have had new windows put in.    Our daughter’s bedroom old wooden original window was rotting at the sash.  It needed replaced.

We only have six total windows in our small house (seven if you count the tiny basement window). All of the windows had little holes in them for grids, but the grids were long gone by the time we got the house. The little holes were annoying.

Master Bedroom

The windows had been painted with a flat paint– I think they painted inside where the window slides up and down– and the paint job just did not look nice. Because of all of the ridges and combined with the other factors–fixing the paint would have been very hard, if not impossible. It just would not have been enough to fix the windows. We thought new windows would probably reduce our AC and heat bills.

We did not choose vinyl replacement windows.  We went with a composite, made of wood and vinyl.  The composite is supposed to be stronger than vinyl, and more durable and long lasting than wood. The new windows both (the top and bottom) swing in to make it easier to clean the outsides of them.

Living Room Before

I really wanted a bay window in our living room.  Several of the houses on our street have had their double windows replaced with a bay window.   But the people who installed our windows went back and forth, and finally said it couldn’t be done– I don’t know if regulations had changed or what happened– and I was/am pretty disappointed about not getting a bay window. To try to make up for it, the company installed nicer, wider sills on the interior.

Outside, Before

Here is a worker starting to remove the old master bedroom windows. You can see the playset before we stained it and had the roof fixed.

Here is our boy’s bedroom window waiting for the new window to be installed.  The workers were skilled and efficient in their workflow.

Here’s the outside of the same window.

Notice the difference that the new trim around the windows makes.  Here is the old trim:

And here is the new trim.  Doesn’t it look so much better?  It is just a little detail, but it makes a lot of difference overall.

Here are the master bedroom windows again.

This is where they are starting to cut out for the window sill to fit.

The center strip between these windows would be covered with new trim, as well as all around the windows.

Here is the new trim around these double windows.

Outside, After

Here is the inside of the living room windows immediately after installation– all ready for me to paint the glossy white trim.  I painted all of the trim and sills of the six windows a white that would match the windows themselves (it was called Paper White).  That was a big job that I hope to not need to do again!

And here are the windows with the new trim all painted, as they look today. The sills are big enough for small plants.

Living Room, After

I hemmed all of the curtains just to the window sill.  I know the current style is to let them pool on the floor, but I want to be able to open and close mine easily. Also, the couch is in front of these windows, so longer curtains wouldn’t be seen anyway.

I hope that you have enjoyed seeing our new windows!

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