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Cute Candy Corn Craft Idea

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If you don’t like to eat candy corn (or even if you do!), I have a Candy Corn Craft for you! If you do like candy corn, have you ever noticed that different brands taste differently? I was recently looking at the ingredients, and they really are different!

Anyway, I enjoyed creating this Candy Corn Pine Tree. I hope you like it, too! This would be a great way to use up that leftover Halloween candy.

candy corn pine cone tree craft

Candy Corn Craft Instructions

candy corn pine cone tree
  1. I wanted to decorate my pine cone tree with candy corn. I tried hot gluing it to some jute string, but the corn flipped around and didn’t look right. I tried gluing the candy corn on in a different direction, sure that would work, but it didn’t. So I decided to try hot gluing it to some ribbon instead, and I am so glad I did! Sometimes you just have to keep trying different things until something works!
  2. To keep the ribbon from unraveling, I hot glued the end.
add hot glue to ribbon

3. Then I folded the ribbon end over onto itself.

gluing ribbon end

4. I added another dot of hot glue,

folding ribbon end again

5. And folded it again. No need to worry about it unraveling now!

all folded in

6. After I made 5 ribbons, I put a pin through all of the ribbons,

pin through several ribbons all at once

7. And secured the pin to the top of the tree.

pinning ribbon to the top
candy corn tree

8. I folded the excess ribbon underneath the tree.

closeup of candy corn

A little paper candy corn topper was given to me years ago as part of a fall bouquet. It matched perfectly!

candy corn topper

Have you ever thought of crafting with candy corn? What would you make?

If you liked my idea, please share it. : ) I would appreciate it alot!

candy corn tree step by step

candy corn tree
Here are some of my Favorite Craft Supplies!

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One Comment

  1. I thought I was right about the candy corn tasting different! I didn’t realize the ingredients changed. I thought it was just me!
    This is such a cute idea!

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