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Conversation Heart Garland

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Valentine’s Day is this Friday. Are you ready? I have had two different Valentine garland ideas in the past month. The first one was this Rose Petal Garland.

rose petal garland pine cone tree before and after https://www.b4andafters.com/rose-petal-garland/

For the second garland, I wanted to use large conversation hearts. I found small ones, but the large ones were harder to find since not all stores carry them.

needle in candy heart https://www.b4andafters.com/conversation-heart-garland

After I found them, I experimented with how to put holes into them so that I could string them into a heart garland. I sort of knew that my first idea of using a sewing needle would not work. I heated it with a candle, but it was very obvious that it was not going to work.

For my second idea, I used the tiniest drill bit I could find. Then I set the drill on the table, and held the heart up to the bit.


drill with tiny bit https://www.b4andafters.com/conversation-heart-garland

I hoped that drilling it would not crack or split the candy heart. And it did not! I succeeded in drilling two tiny holes in each heart, so that I could string the hearts into a cutesy conversation heart garland. I did not even break one heart in this project!

candy hearts with holes drilled into them https://www.b4andafters.com/conversation-heart-garland

Here is a video to show you how I did it!

You know, it would be sooo easy to bring those hearts closer together to make a cute Valentine candy necklace. Hmmmm, maybe you will see one more conversation heart project here before Valentine’s Day!

Garland, AFTER!

garland of conversation hearts https://www.b4andafters.com/conversation-heart-garland
conversation heart garland and bag of candy https://www.b4andafters.com/conversation-heart-garland

I created this heart garland to go on my miniature Pine Cone Tree.

I liked my little pine cone tree with the candy heart garland, but it seemed a little plain. So to add just the right touch I created a topper to go with it. I used my glue gun to attach 5 large hearts to each other. Then I added 5 small hearts on top of that. Lastly, I hot glued a toothpick to the back so that I could insert the topper into the top of my pine cone tree.

Pine Cone Tree, AFTER!

Miniature pine cone tree with conversation heart garland and topper https://www.b4andafters.com/conversation-heart-garland

Would you agree that it looks better with the topper on it?! This has been such a fun project to share with you. I hope you enjoyed it!

pinterest graphic showing before and after of conversation heart garland pine cone tree with topper https://www.b4andafters.com/conversation-heart-garland
closeup of conversation heart https://www.b4andafters.com/conversation-heart-garland

You can see all of the other Pine Cone Tree versions in the collage below.

Thank you for Sharing!

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