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Lei Pine Cone Tree

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Let me tell you the history of this Lei Pine Cone Tree. Two years ago I created a Miniature Pine Cone Tree. A little over a year ago, I began decorating it for each season.

*Clicking Here will take you to the end of this post to see all of the different trees.

Then a couple of months ago I said, Hmm. I wonder if I can create 100 versions of my pine cone tree. My husband said, well, I better start moving faster or it would take me 20 years if I only do 5 per year! And he is right!

So if you were wondering why I am posting a Hawaiian Lei Pine Cone Tree at the end of March, that is why! I used a Lei from the Dollar Tree. You can find them at Amazon and all sorts of places. Actually, I used one that had been given to one of my kids, I think. I cut it apart, and sewed buttons onto each end to keep the flowers from falling off of the ends of my garland.

I arranged one of the leftover flowers at the very top. This was a very easy decoration idea, compared to some of my other ideas….

Do you have any ideas for me of how I could decorate this tree? Let me know in the comments!

All of the Trees

Here is my current collection of all of the ways I have decorated the same pine cone tree.

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