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15 Month Century Farms Update

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Well, just as soon as I think we can relax a little bit—suddenly I’m super busy and have a hard time getting out the latest update to you!

How to Paint an Ombre Easter Basket

I did take this video on our One Year Anniversary of actually living at our Farmhouse! Then, I wanted to edit it better– you know, with nice music, and nice transition from one scene to another… and that stalled me a little bit.

Then my daughter continued having migraines with aura that haven’t gone away for 4 weeks now… so alot of my energy and time have been focused on trying to find solutions for her, making dr appointments, etc.

New Ads

Just yesterday I implemented ads on my site. These will help me pay for the expenses of running a blog– will you do me a favor? If you see an ad that you think is distasteful or inappropriate– would you take a screenshot and sent it to me at b4andaftersblog at gmail dot com? Then I can let the company know not to put those on my site. Thank you!

I hope you enjoy the video!

👉🏻 Here’s where we were One Year Ago, just before we moved in!

👉🏻 Jelly Bean Garland

👉🏻 Ombre Easter Basket

👉🏻 Cross Cupboard Decor

In just a few more days, I will be taking the 16 month video update. I hope to not take as long to get that out to you!

Before I close, you might be getting ready to plant things. I wanted to share with you one of my most popular tips– The Secret of my Huge Planter.

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