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How to Paint an Ombre Easter Basket

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Have you ever wanted to know how to paint an Easter Basket? I’m going to show you how to paint an OMBRE Easter basket!


plain basket


ombre Easter basket with paint in it

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What do you need to Paint an Easter basket?

First of all, you need a Basket.

You can get one pretty cheaply at a yard sale or a thrift store. And probably you could ask a friend if they have an old basket they don’t want, and they just might have a closet full of baskets!

You should look for a basket that isn’t shiny. A matte, unstained basket would work best. Don’t use a plastic basket.

If you find an ugly basket that isn’t torn, and has spots or something on it, that would be the perfect kind of basket because it can only get better!

purple paint

Secondly, you need Paint.

You could use craft paint. You know those small bottles that you can get for around $1? But really, almost any kind of paint will do.

I was just dying to try Purple from my favorite Furniture Paint line, so I used Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint.

I knew it would work well because the basket is sort of like wood. I also know that BDS Paint will stick to practically anything. If my basket had had a shiny finish, it would still have worked just fine.

I used 3 colors for my basket for a total of 4 shades of color.

You could use just 2 colors. When you blend them for the ombre there will be 3 shades.

This is a great way to use up leftover paint from a different project!

Thirdly, you need Brushes.

I suppose you could use your fingers if necessary– there is finger paint! But I found that a little bristle brush worked well. A craft sponge brush works too, but I like the bristles better for getting into all the cracks and crevices that a basket has.

I used about 4 brushes, so that I didn’t mix my colors. And also so I could mix the colors for the Ombre when I was ready!

Watch the Video Here

How hard is it to Paint an Ombre Easter basket?

I have good news– it’s not hard at all! Watch the 10 minute video I made with all the details and you will see how easy it is to paint a basket!

It was easier than I expected– it was more fun than I expected– and the results were so much prettier than I expected. And I started with high expectations– so that means it turned out super nice; absolutely fabulous.

I’ve done a lot of painting in recent history, so it was fun to do a small project like this.

white and purple basket

How much does it Cost to Paint an Easter basket?

Well, it could cost around $5 if you buy three different colors of craft paint. If you already have brushes, then that’s it– $5!

If you need to buy your brushes, it could cost a little more.

And if you need to purchase a basket, you will need to add in the cost of the basket.

But as you can probably tell– I like to spend as little as possible on my projects! My cost for my DIY Ombre Easter basket? ZERO.

Mine didn’t cost me anything because someone gave me the basket (if I remember correctly). I already had the brushes.

And Black Dog Salvage sent me the paint so that I could show it to you!

How long does it take to Paint an Ombre Easter basket?

I took some time to test out my colors, and to take a video for you. It took me 50 minutes to paint my basket including those tasks. But you could probably do it in 20 or 30 minutes, or even less.

How should I prepare for painting an Easter basket?

Surface Prep

You will want to prepare a surface before you paint. You could use newspaper. I re-used brown packing paper that had come in a box in the mail. I put it on my dining room table, which had a plastic vinyl tablecloth on it. So I knew even if the paint or water leaked through the paper, it would not damage my table.

Paint Clothes

You will also want to wear a paint shirt, or at least an old shirt that you don’t mind getting paint on. Whenever I think I can paint something little or quickly without getting paint on my clothes– I almost always get paint on me anyway!

It’s better to put on paint clothes and not get any paint on them,– than wish that you had!!

How should I clean up when I’m finished?

Well, you should clean your brushes right away so the paint doesn’t harden on them. Follow the paint cleanup directions on the container. You may need only water. You may need a little hand soap.

Shake and/or squeeze the excess water out of the brushes. Then set the brushes where they can finish air drying.

You can save your paper for your next project or throw it away if you won’t need it again.

Same with your paint clothes– you don’t need to wash them in the laundry if you’re just going to do another project (like me!).

I’m absolutely thrilled with how my Ombre Easter basket turned out! It looks better than I expected, and I had high expectations!

(p.s.– don’t forget to Use my code B420 to get 20 percent off your order if you decide to try Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint.)

purple paint on a pail

Why would I want to Paint an Easter Basket?

This is a way to personalize a basket for someone special. It doesn’t have to be for Easter. When you paint something like this, it is One of a Kind. No one else has one like it.

You can make one for yourself, or for a friend, or both. You might want to make one for all your family and friends!

You might get carried away and start having craft booths at craft fairs, selling your beautiful one-of-a-kind painted baskets….. Or is that just me? No, I haven’t done it yet– but this was sooo much fun I’m a little tempted! Who wouldn’t want one of these lovely hand painted baskets?!

purple paint on a pail

What should I put in an Easter Basket?

Well obviously I personally would love to receive an Easter basket with PAINT (or other craft supplies, honestly) in it. But you should put in it whatever you want.

Think of the person you are giving it to, and customize it with things that you know they will like. If you can color coordinate those things with the color that you painted the basket, it will look extra amazing!

Some ideas are: kitchen gadgets (everybody has to eat!), ingredients to make a recipe, craft supplies for a new or familiar hobby, cozy things like socks, hats, mittens, and scarves; chocolate/candy; fruit; pretzels and popcorn.

If you know what you want to put in your basket ahead of time, be sure to get a basket size that will hold your items.

paint in a basket

And of course– you could put Easter candy in it! I found these cute plush Marshmallow Peeps and I just love them! I limited myself to 3 but sometimes wish I had bought more. They are so cute.

You may remember that I used them in my Giant Outdoor Easter Basket one year.

ombre easter basket with Peeps

A few years ago I made an Easter Peeps House and it has been preserved! I just put new Peeps in it. Peeps are gluten and dairy free– in case you needed that information.

Easter Peeps house

I hope you will agree that this is the cutest Easter basket ever!

Peeps Easter basket

Those are jelly beans that I strung to go on my Pine Cone tree… they too have stayed preserved so that I can use them again!

How to Paint an Ombre Easter Basket
Peeps Easter house

Well, Paint or Peeps– what would you rather have in your Easter basket? Or maybe a combo of the two?

Remember to watch all the details in the video! I hope I’ve answered all of your questions.

ombre painted easter basket

If you would rather see some Cross inspired Easter Projects, I have lots of those as well.

ombre easter basket tutorial

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