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Paint Project Ideas for You

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If you need some creative ideas for your own plans for your home, then I have a variety of paint project ideas to share with you! Sometimes you might want to change things or add variety, and you’re not sure what to do.

Perhaps all you need are some ideas to get your own thoughts headed in that creative direction. Then you can adjust them to fit your style or color or design.

Dresser Makeover

Let’s begin with a Dresser. Very often you will be able to find an old dresser at a yard sale, Facebook Marketplace, or Craigslist. It will have a nice shape, but not a nice color or finish. Or if it is a nice finish, it might not match your style.

Well, did you ever think to paint it? Maybe you thought about painting it but thought that was too big a project to tackle.

This Dresser Makeover shows you a unique way to update a plain Dresser. Check it out!

Dresser Before

Dresser AFTER

Ceiling Makeover

If you’re looking to add some variety to your home, don’t forget about the ceiling! You can paint it a color, or give it a geometric or ombre design.

If you really want to go all out– consider using Tin Tiles! You can glue or nail them up to a regular ceiling, or insert them into a drop ceiling grid. Wait, I said Paint Projects, didn’t I?

And yes…. you can actually paint these tile patterns! That’s what I did! Take a Look!

flower pattern in ceiling

Ceiling Before

Ceiling AFTER

drop ceiling idea

Lamp Makeover

Have you ever gotten tired of an old lamp? Or perhaps you wanted to buy a nice lamp but the price made you think twice? Here is a great way to update an old lamp!

Give it a coat of paint in whatever color you like! Here are all the steps.


Lamp Before


white lamp

Nightstand Makeover

This nightstand is sooo classy! Did you realize you could add gold accents to really make a piece come alive?!

It also gets a fabric lining inside. Take a Look!

nightstand being painted

Nightstand Before

Nightstand AFTER

nightstand with gold accents

Paint Discount Code

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing these Paint Projects. If so, let me know. We just may do it again sometime!

If all of these ideas make you want to start painting something, here is my code to get a discount of 20% off of Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint. Use B420 for your coupon code.

various paint projects using Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint

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