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Easter Marshmallow Peeps House

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Enjoy seeing how I made a Marshmallow Peeps house! It was pretty easy, and you have so many options for the roof, the walls, etc. It’s a fun change from the Christmas gingerbread houses, with bright spring colors.

blue, yellow, and pink marshmallow peeps with vanilla wafers
building graham cracker houses

I’ve been wanting to make an Easter Peeps house (like a gingerbread house, but for Easter instead of Christmas) for a long time.

building graham cracker houses

So when my daughter and her friend said they would join me in creating some Peeps houses, I was thrilled! I had collected the ingredients we needed.

I cut some triangle graham crackers so the roof could sit at an angle. I reused wax paper from a cereal box underneath. It will help me move it later.

graham cracker house walls with frosting

I put an extra graham cracker in front so that my Peeps would have plenty of room to sit.

graham cracker house walls
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marshmallow peeps house collage

I knew that I would be attaching shingles, so I spread the cracker roof with frosting before assembling the house. Chex cereal is what I used for the shingles. Start with the bottom row, working your way up to the top row.

chex roof shingles

I used miniature vanilla wafers to finish off the roof edge.

mini vanilla wafers on food house

To reinforce the side walls, I added sugar wafers on the outside. Then I topped them with jelly beans.

sugar wafer walls

The grass is shredded coconut with a few drops of green food coloring stirred in. The last thing to add is, of course, the bunny and chick Peeps!

sugar wafer roof

Enjoy being creative! Look at all the pictures below for some ideas. And here is a *Tip! If you can keep the ants from getting to your Peeps house, it will harden and you can use it again next year! Just add fresh Peeps! And be sure to store it so the ants won’t find it. I suggest shredded paper crinkles to help keep any moisture from the house.

jelly bean roof
closeup of Peeps house
jelly bean roof
jelly beans on roof
bunny peep in doorway of house
blue bunny peep
bunny peeps graham cracker house
Marshmallow Peeps houses
smily face
jelly bean roof
peeps houses roofs
bunny peep and chick peep houses
peeps house
chick peeps house

Making our Peeps houses was so! much! fun!

Marshmallow peeps in a graham cracker house

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