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Sew a Custom Bible Cover with Handles and a Zipper

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My son’s plain blue Bible cover fell apart.  It was not repairable. So I saved the zipper, let him pick out some fabric, and made him a new one that he loves.

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(Later when my son grew out of this Bible cover, I got him a different one!)

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I reused the zipper, roughly following directions for a quilted Bible cover that I found here.  I didn’t quilt this one, but I added the batting between the layers.

Supplies Needed:

Here are the rough directions:

  1. You need to cut a rectangle (2 fabric, one batting) that is big enough to fold around your Bible and  allow for a generous seam allowance.
  2. Sew these three pieces together, making sure right sides show on both sides with batting in between. (If you are sewing in flaps on the sides to hold your Bible in, now is the time to add those in– all at the same time.)
  3. Your zipper needs to be long enough to go around all three of the open sides of the Bible (top, bottom, and one side).
  4. You need two strips of fabric or sturdy ribbon or canvas for the handles.

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Bible on fabric

5.  You need two pieces of fabric long enough to sew onto the zipper.

6.  You will attach the zipper piece at the top.

7. Then unzip the zipper and turn so that you can sew the zipper (one half side at a time) around the perimeter of the fabric, being sure to sew a bit outside of the previous stitching so that it will not show on the outside. This is the tricky part. **I really recommend looking at a zippered Bible cover and examining how everything is connected. This will give you a better idea of how to sew yours!

Zipper on a Bible cover

8.  You could add a piece of bias to cover the open seam of fabric and batting on the inside closed part of the Bible cover, but it is not necessary.  If you do, trim close to the seam first.

It took me around 2 hours, but you’ll notice I’m not too particular when it comes to squaring things up….  It turned out perfect for what we needed! The handles are so easy to grab when your arms are full.


Bible Cover with handles

My five year old son really enjoyed showing his new Bible cover to people.  He also enjoyed carrying his own Bible a lot more.

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