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Watch How Fabric Spray Paint Can Transform a Dull Bible Cover

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What comes to your mind when you think of Fabric Spray Paint? Did you know that there is such a thing?

One of my most popular posts is the one I did showing how I made my son a personalized Bible cover with handles and a zipper. Well, that was several years ago and he has grown out of it.

When he recently turned 9, I wanted to get him a Bible that had some special features. I wanted him to be able to do some studying on his own, and to have a “thumb index” to easily find the different books. And it needed to have easy-to-read print. So many Bibles have such tiny print. Finally, I found this Bible which comes in several colors including blue.

Everything You Will Need to Make this Bible Cover

I have linked each item in the list below for your convenience.

Next, I wanted him to have a new Bible cover to go with his new Bible. I thought about making him another one. I searched in a local bookstore for a good one, but they seemed more geared towards women. I like pretty Bible covers, but I needed a special one for a young boy, not for me!

Eventually, I found one on Amazon that I thought he would like better than any of the other store bought ones or a homemade one. This cover is really cool with various pockets. It even came with a little compass! But there was a little problem…. it was green. Knowing that my boy prefers blue over green, I knew that I needed to make it blue for him to like it.

And this is how I ended up using this fabric spray to change the cover from green to blue!

blue fabric spray painted blue book cover

For my son’s ninth birthday, I wanted him to have a new Bible cover. I found one he would like, except it did not come in blue. I had an idea! Paint!

I ordered special fabric spray paint, and tested a piece of green fabric that I had.

It looked blue enough. Briefly, I considered trying to prime the fabric white, but I didn’t have any white fabric paint.

I carefully used #FrogTape to cover the black handle and everything else that I didn’t want to get paint on.

At first I tried to tape the zipper while it was closed, but it wasn’t working. Then I realized I could open the zipper and tape it, and that worked.

Even the inside snaps underneath the flaps are covered.

Then I began to spray. It took a LOT of paint, because the paint soaked into the fabric. The fabric is a little stiff, but with use it should soften.

I would wait to pull the tape off until everything was dry.

And here it is, finished! Looks great, doesn’t it?!

(I hand sewed this piece of ribbon in the front and back to help the front and back covers stay in the fabric pockets.)

I highlighted a few passages, and put little arrow tabs to mark some pages.

I added highlighters, put candy in the little pockets, and put a notebook in the large pocket. No one can tell that I painted it! 🙂

Just now I showed my son what I was writing about. His mouth dropped open. He had had no idea that I had painted his Bible cover! Did you realize that you can use Fabric Spray Paint to change the color of a Bible cover? People use it to change the color of outdoor pillows, or a fabric covered headboard. Now you know that it can also be used to change the color of a Bible cover!

I really want my son to develop a relationship with God through His Word. That is why I did everything I could think of to give him the opportunity to be successful with the highlighters; and I also gave him extra flag markers. The candy? Well, because of course you need peppermints in church to help you stay awake. : )

blue fabric spray paint Bible cover step by step
blue Bible cover using fabric spray paint step by step

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