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Computer Dust Cover

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Have you ever thought of making a dust cover for your computer screen? Does that big black screen ever look boring? Have you ever attempted or been tempted to decorate (or hide) your computer’s display? Or am I the only one…..

Yes, I have attempted to decorate my Computer screen….

computer screen with a Thankful Banner on it

I have even been known to put a pretty tea towel over my computer screen to hide it and decorate it.

Our desktop computer is in our kitchen. I like it there because I can use the computer and still be in the center of the house and better able to supervise the children, rather than off in some corner of the house. I think it is a good idea to keep the desktop here as my children grow older, because by being in the middle of everything, they won’t be as tempted to watch things they shouldn’t.

Anyway…. when I was photographing my new removable Kitchen Chair Slipcovers I realized that the back chair cover would make a great computer screen dust cover!!!

It reminds me of a toaster cover or another small appliance cover. Does anyone use those anymore?

desk and chair in back corner

I don’t have enough matching leftover fabric to make a dedicated dust cover to match my slipcovers. But maybe I will pick out a solid gray or another coordinating pattern sometime.

To make this fabric dust cover:

  • Determine your dimensions
  • Cut two pieces of fabric the same size
  • Choose either a rounded corner shape like I did, or leave it rectangular or square
  • Sew right sides together on three sides, leaving the bottom side open
  • Hem the opening with a rolled hem
  • All Done! Slip it over your Computer Screen!
closeup of computer dust cover

Of course, I would be the only one in the house to bother with a dust cover. That’s okay. It would look great for when company is coming, in my opinion.

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gray and white floral fabric over a computer screen at a desk

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