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We had this rancher for 8 years before buying our Farmhouse on 3 acres!  In this post you will find some links to the main areas in our home and various projects.  But first– here is a bird’s eye view! My husband took this picture with his drone.  Our property is fairly flat– and you can easily see it because of our white fence!  The picture is accurately showing that our property is not a perfect rectangle– it juts out in one corner.

aerial view of our house and yard outlined by the white vinyl fence
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You can see our deck, and our maple tree beside the deck.  You can even see my clothesline that stretches from the deck to the shed! Beside the shed is our old pop-up camper, that we have since replaced with a small hardshell camper. You can see the fence that outlines my garden in the rear of our property.  You can see the kids’ playset with slide and ramp to the left.

I will begin with links to inside the house, and then circle back around to some outside things that I just mentioned above.  Enjoy!

I hope that you have enjoyed this snapshot of our home.  Click on any of the pictures or headings to be taken to more details of various projects that were done all along the way.

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