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Easy Easter Kitchen Cabinet Decor

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Find out how to make a cute marshmallow Peeps nest on a paper plate for easy Easter Kitchen Cabinet decor!

Wreaths are a popular way to decorate.  I like using a substitute sometimes that is round and about the same size as a small wreath.  Wreaths can be expensive if you don’t make your own.  Even if you do make your own, the materials can be pricey.  Also, when you have a lot of wreaths, you need room to store them when you are not using them.

I like using pretty paper plates!!!  (You can see some Thanksgiving ones here.)


plain kitchen cabinet
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I’m pretty sure that I got these plates at Hobby Lobby.   I just taped a coordinating ribbon onto it, and then taped the ribbon to the door.   It is quick and easy. What do you think of my Easter Wreath substitute?!


kitchen cabinet with paper plate hanging from ribbon

Do you have any ideas for embellishments for my paper plate wreaths?


closeup of ribbon and paper plate

I had hung these plates and I liked them well enough as they were.  But I had some Marshmallow Peeps that I wanted to use for a craft, and I got the idea to add them in a nest to these plates.

First, I poked two holes in my paper plate with a fork. I worked on the plate as it hung on my cabinet door– so I think that made it easier to work with since it was already vertical. Then I poked a brown pipe cleaner through the holes and twisted the wire on the back of the plate.  I had these extra fuzzy pipe cleaners, so I just used what I had.

first step to a marshmallow Peeps nest-- add pipe cleaner

Then, I attached some natural rope (leftover from my Anchor Wreath) to the pipe cleaner with hot glue.

second step to marshmallow Peeps nest, add rope to pipe cleaner

I used some moss that had been given to me in a door prize that I won last year. I hot glued the moss to the peeps, being sure to cover any exposed white marshmallow that was not covered in colored sugar. I use a low heat hot glue gun, so I didn’t have any problems with the marshmallow melting from the glue.  My marshmallow Peeps were stale, not fresh, so that probably helped, also.

Third step to Marshmallow Peeps nest, glue faux moss to bottom of marshmallow chicks

Then I hot glued the birds to their nest, and it was done!  How do you like it?!


last step to peeps marshmallow nest, glue chicks to nest

This little Peeps nest made me smile so much!

closeup of marshmallow Peeps nest

Then I created one with three bluebirds in the same way.

Don’t they look sweet?


three blue chicks in marshmallow peeps nest

This project was pretty easy to do.  The hardest part was to keep telling my kids “No, you can’t eat the Peeps.  I’m saving them for a craft.”

closeup of three blue chicks in marshmallow peeps nest

I think I’m the only one decorating with paper plates… but maybe it will catch on after awhile! : )

cabinet decorated with paper plate and marshmallow peeps nest

Would you like to have these hanging from a door in your house?  Which color of Peeps in their nest do you like best?

paper plate with peeps nest

I would like to make a wreath using my plate and Peeps nest.  When I do, I’ll let you know!

I did make a different kind of Easter Wreath already.  You can see it by clicking this link.

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  1. I decorate with paper plates! In fact, this beautiful one you gave me! (Don’t know how to include a picture)

  2. Hi Liberty, you have recently visited my blog and I am stopping by to return the favor. Blown away by this darling – easy-to-do – wreath for your kitchen cabinets. Absolutely adorable. My favorite is one with the yellow Peeps! So cheerful. That paper plate is lovely, too. For Christmas, I used paper plates on top of my ‘china’ which isn’t china at all. Think I will try to find some paper plates like yours for Easter and do the same thing. Clean up was a breeze!!

    1. Hobby Lobby has some beautiful paper plates for Easter this year! I almost always like their selections. Thank you so much for stopping by, Leslie!

  3. Aw, the addition of the Peeps nests is perfect. What a clever replacement for a wreath, as you are right, they can be quite pricy. Thanks for sharing at Sweet Inspiration!

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