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Painting the Boy’s Room

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I had a twin over full bunk bed in my son’s room that I had bought for $30 at a yard sale a long time ago.



It was time for a different bed so that he could have more room to play.  I planned to give him his sister’s junior loft bed, and get his sister a different bed.  And in order for him to be more happy with that plan of getting his sister’s old bed, I offered to paint his room.  It made such a difference!

His room was this dull brown when we moved, and it was the last room to get painted in the entire house.  I decided not to tape anything.  Paint always seems to leak somewhere when I tape.  I used an angled, tapered brush, and did all the trimming that way.  It is a small room.  I chose Behr eggshell in Rhodes blue.

It really brightened everything up.  The first coat gave excellent coverage, but I did have to go over it a second time anyway.

I accomplished my goal of giving my son more room to play!  He made himself at home right away.  I painted his extra guard board the same color as the walls, and it blends right in.


Thank you for Sharing!

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