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Eleven Month Update on Renovations

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Wow! We are nearing our one year anniversary at Century Farms! After going full steam for 11 months, I think we’re ready for a break soon. I wondered– do you think I should keep up my monthly updates after we’ve been here one year? Are you ready for me to get back to more crafty ideas?

Life itself is “going full steam” I suppose, even without renovating a house. We all feel like our schedules are too full at times, right? It’s not just me?

11 Month Video Update

Be sure to Watch the Video. There’s always different info in the video than I share here in the written post… I walked through the entire house this time– something I haven’t done in several months since there’s not always something new in each room. So even though there wasn’t something new in each room, I thought you might like to see the entire house again.

If you’ve been following along, you know that I’ve been focusing on finishing our ceilings in several rooms. I’m thrilled to have finally finished our Piano Room completely, including the ceiling. It turned out soooo pretty! Here it is all decorated for Christmas. I plan to post a full Before and After of the room itself eventually, not just the ceiling.

I did begin teaching piano lessons again, so if you’re local and you or someone you know is interested, have them get in touch with me!

The dining room ceiling was next, and I’m waiting for the new light to be installed before I give the full reveal, but here are some progress pictures…. I think you are going to love the chandelier I picked out for this room…. I can’t wait for it to be installed so that I can show you!!!

I love how the dining room is turning out….. it’s where my King of Christmas tree is…

I had sooo much fun decorating this tree… my first full size tree of my adult life!!! You can see the decorations up close here.

Since we’ve moved, our voting location has changed… to a church with these gorgeous stained glass windows!!! I like how the diamond pattern is a little bit similar to the diamond pattern in my 2 windows.

By the next update, I hope to have the living room ceiling in much better order, and show you everything decorated for Christmas!!! But…. since it takes me a little while to post, you might get it after Christmas. I hope you will enjoy it anyway.

[A little thyroid update– my dr. said I had thyroiditis and that I’ve gone from hyper to hypo…. the good news is that my thyroid is now healing, and I’m hoping and praying it will heal completely so I don’t need to go on medicine for hypothyroidism.]

Until next time!

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  1. Almost a year – wow! You must be so excited to be celebrating Christmas in your new house! It’s great to see the progress you make month to month, and my vote would be for you to continue these monthly updates for a long time, as it is fascinating to see how you are tackling this massive project. Your ceilings are really amazing – so much work goes into each tile! Most importantly, I’m glad that your thyroid news is good, and wish you continued good health!

    1. Thank you Amy! I enjoy the updates as it is like a journal for me… and yes it is great to be reminded of the progress. Each month before I record the new video I watch the previous month, so I can notice what has changed since then. Since you enjoy my posts so much, would you consider sharing it with others you know who might enjoy them, too? I hope you and your family are well, and have a Happy Hanukkah!

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