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Why My Name is Liberty

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Wouldn’t you like to know why my name is Liberty?

I thought this would be a fun Why post. My Why posts are on heavy topics, and this Why subject can also turn into a complicated discussion.

Do you know anyone else named Liberty? I did not meet anyone else with the same name as me until I was grown, married, and had two children.

Growing up with a unique name was something I enjoyed. I liked being different than everyone else. My middle name is longer than my first name, and no, it is not Bell. Perhaps knowing that I had a unique name helped to shape some of my personality. I felt special, not just odd or different. Whenever I introduced myself or was introduced, people always would blink twice and comment on my name.

Then I grew up, and at some restaurants where they ask for your name so they can call it when your order is ready?….. well, now I like giving my son’s name. It only has four letters and is faster for the cashier to spell. It is a normal name. Perhaps they think it is my last name, and that is fine with me.

I visited Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and picked up a free booklet. It had a story about a person named Liberty who lived at the time of the Civil War. I saved it.

I have met a couple people online with my name, and once I met someone in an elevator with my name.

And I’ve heard of several people who have named their dog Liberty….

Two Reasons

I have heard 2 different stories about my name. Maybe it is because my parents each had their own reason?

The Statue of Liberty

There is a song “The Statue of Liberty.” The first verse talks about the Statue of Liberty and how it represents our freedom. The second verse talks about the Cross that Jesus died on, and how it represents our soul’s freedom from sin.

So for a lot of my childhood I thought my name was from that song. Perhaps my parents just liked the song as well, not really naming me from it.

Speaking of the Statue of Liberty

I finally got to visit “my” statue in the fall of 2021. Shortly thereafter we bought Century Farms, so I’ve been awfully busy and never shared my pictures with you!

I enjoyed visiting the Statue of Liberty so very much!

The Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor

I will share only a few pictures with you. Can you tell I was thrilled?!

me with my statue of Liberty in the distance

Sadly, the Crown wasn’t open when we went– but after Covid having closed everything I was just glad to be able to go. This is looking up at the stairs from the pedestal level.

inside the statue of Liberty looking at the staircase

Here is the original torch, with the Statue of Liberty in the background.

the original torch of the Statue of Liberty
The New Colossus poem by Emma Lazarus
The Statue of Liberty with the pedestal

I wasn’t sure if I would be disappointed about how big or how small she might be…. but turns out– she was plenty big enough!

looking down from the pedestal at the base of the STatue of LIberty
at the base- it is so big

These cute kids have gotten a bit bigger since we were there….

cute kids at the Statue of Liberty
closeup of Liberty
David and Liberty
cornerstone of the Statue of Liberty

When I saw this in the museum, I loved it. Liberty is a beloved friend. I felt like it was describing me! — at least I hope I am a good friend to many.

Liberty is a beloved friend

Ok, back to how I got my name….

The second story of where my name came from is from the Bible verse II Corinthians 3:17 which says, “Now the Lord is that spirit, and where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” And here I am! : ) The verse is talking about how the children of Israel were in bondage to the law, but that Jesus brought true spiritual freedom.

It was a big concept for the Jewish people to grasp, and much of the New Testament is spent explaining how the law (the Old Testament/ bondage) and the spirit (the New Testament/ freedom) work together. Several places the point is made that in old and new times, “the just shall live by faith.” So grace by faith has always been available, but it wasn’t as obvious because the people thought that by obeying the law they could earn eternal life. Actually, the law was to show the people that they could NOT earn eternal life, and Jesus came to pay the penalty of sin so that we can accept his free gift by faith.

When combined with my middle name, my full name is a big mouthful. There were people who thought it was too much for a tiny baby. But babies grow up… and I LOVE my name! I love my full name. (My middle name is after one of my grandmothers, so for security purposes I won’t mention it here.)

Over the years, just a very few people have shortened it to “Lib” or “Libbie/ Libby.” I’ve never felt the need to have a nickname, and am perfectly content using my full name. It does give me a chuckle though, when people feel the liberty to shorten my name, when I never use it myself.

A funny thing you might like to know, is that people often mistakenly forget my name and call me Charity! I think that’s hilarious! And I had a college professor who continuously mistakenly called me Trinity, even though he was aware of my name in a very small college class.

Liberty with the Statude of Liberty

P.S. While some people think that maybe I was born on the fourth of July, my birthday is actually in August. However– my wedding anniversary is July 4th! That was not my idea– that was David’s.

Do you have a special story about your name?

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this post, Liberty! Your name is lovely, it makes me think of all good things. It’s nice to know the story behind it. My Mom chose my name – apparently she wanted to name me Avril, but my Dad did not want me to have a French name. So they went for April.

    My paternal Grandma’s name was Mary, but my Grandpa called her May. She had just passed away and everyone said I should at least have her name as my middle name. Thankfully my parents did not agree! I think April May might be overdoing the months just a bit! Instead I have the same middle name as my Mom, and her paternal Grandma.

  2. Interesting story about your name. I like your name. I have never net another.

    The Staute of Liberty is pretty amazing isn’t it?

    I have a story behind my name too. It’s quite comical and I liked the first two names my mom picked first.

    First my mom wanted Debra. My dad said they’ll call her Debbie .

    Then she wanted Jennifer and my dad said they’ll call her Jen.

    Do you see a pattern? Then she picked Cynthia. So everyone called me Cindy.

    I love Cynthia but no one ever has called me that name.

    Actually my parents each had nicknames they called me.

    Funny, they’re the most cherished ames now that I’m an adult.

    1. Thank you for sharing, …..Cindy! Cynthia is a pretty name. I’m praying God gives you peace and comfort throughout you and and your dog’s health problems.

  3. I loved your story, Liberty! I think it is a wonderful name. How funny that some people shorten it. My middle name, Grace, is from both my grandmother and my mother. I love the history of it. (My daughter’s middle name is Grace, too.)

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