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Kitchen First Aid Tip for Burns

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I burned my hand again. Months after first writing this post. This time my burn was worse. I used a hot pad to move an iron skillet that had been in the oven, but the hot pad was not fully on the handle so part of my hand was burned very badly.

I ran cold water on it, then I put cold mustard on for as long as I could stand it. Then I washed the mustard off.

My Burned Hand

my burned hand

It was hurting so badly I wanted to cry. After washing the mustard off, I held an ice pack on it for 8 hours. Yes. That was how badly it hurt. I kept rotating ice packs so it would be cold.

another angle of my burned hand

The next morning, I was absolutely amazed at how good my hand looked.

The Morning After I Burned my Hand

The next morning after burning my hand on an iron skillet

You can definitely see that it was a bad burn!

less than 24 hours after I badly burned my hand, showing the redness

This next picture was taken the third day after I burned my hand so badly on the iron skillet. I was amazed at how well it was healing, and that it had never even blistered!!

after using mustard and ice on my burn

Was it the mustard that kept my burn from blistering? Was it the 8 hours of ice pack? Probably it was a combination of the two. Whatever it was, I sure am thankful! This is the fourth day.

the 4th day after my hand was badly burned

Later on, some skin did peel off painlessly. I realized it was where the burn had been. I don’t even have a scar now. It’s amazing! Do let me know if you ever try mustard on a burn!!

My hand much better after burn-- it never blistered

Original Mustard First Aid Burn Tip

I want to share with you a great Kitchen Tip.  It is also a great First Aid Tip.

Today I volunteered at a church event where we were cooking and serving food.  I grabbed the handles of a pot that I thought was cool.  I was only half right.  One handle was cool, and one handle was hot enough to burn three of my fingers through the plastic food safe gloves that I was wearing.

bottle of mustard
(*This post may contain affiliate links.  By purchasing anything from these links, I may receive a small commission at no cost to you.  More information is available on my Disclosure page.)

I looked around for a First Aid Kit and did not see one anywhere.  I also did not see an Aloe Vera plant or gel bottle or anything anywhere.  As I ran semi-cool water over my hand, I remembered.  I’m in a kitchen!  Is there any mustard in the refrigerator?  Yes, there was!   I squirted bright yellow mustard all over my burned fingers.  The coldness felt good.


hand with mustard on it for first aid burn aid
(I staged this picture later on.)

After the coolness went away, I began feeling the burning again.  I waited a few more seconds.   Perhaps only a minute or two had gone by altogether.   I put my fingers on a cold water bottle, then rinsed the mustard off.  As I rinsed, the burning feeling rinsed off, too. I didn’t even need to keep holding the cold water bottle.


closeup of hand after using mustard for burn

I have used mustard for a kitchen burn before this.  I don’t remember where I first learned or thought of it. It seems to work.  My fingers are perfectly fine– no redness, no pain.  Have you ever used, or heard of using, mustard to soothe a burn?!

pinterest graphic for mustard burn first aid
parmesan cheese containers as dispensers

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  1. i have used yellow mustard for about 9 years. works like a gem if lite or heavy. frenches works best.

    1. My Grandmother told me about yellow mustard for burns some 50 years ago. I have passed it on to countless people who still swear by it today. There is nothing better for a burn.

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