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How to Create a Beautiful Simple DIY Dining Table Christmas Centerpiece

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Have you ever wanted to create a simple centerpiece? Something that wouldn’t take much time, but would look gorgeous?

You are not going to believe how easy this was!

What You Need

You will need just a few things to make a DIY Christmas Centerpiece that is beyond easy!

  • Tiered Tray (I used a tiered plate holder.)
  • Pretty plates (I used glass ones that belonged to my great grandmother.)
  • Wired Ribbon
  • Dried Hydrangeas
  • Spray Paint in your choice of color (I used white and Coral)
  • Candle

This is a tiered plate holder that I found for $3 at a thrift store and used in my fall decorating one year.

fall tiered tray

What To Do

Start with an empty tiered tray or tiered plate holder.

Add plates to the top two sections. You could use a plate on the bottom section, but I wanted to leave some space in mine.

3 tier plate server

Shake up your spray paint cans and get ready to spray paint your dried hydrangea flower in whichever color you choose.

dried hydrangea

I chose coral because it matched my ribbon.

spray paint cans with dried flowers

I tried the pink but it was a bit too pink….

large pink painted hydrangea

I ended up spray painting the hydrangea white first, and then spritzing just a bit of coral on it to get the pastel color I was going for.

pink painted hydrangea

Roll up your wired ribbon, and then gentle pull on the center and pull it out. This will create a soft spiral. Once you get it away from your cat, you can lay it down the center of your table….

orange striped cat with ribbon

Like this.

pink Christmas place setting

Put the candle on the middle plate.

And lay the hydrangea on the top plate.

I told you it was easy to create a beautiful Christmas centerpiece for your dining table!!

pink Christmas centerpiece

Oh, and put a doily underneath it if you want, from your large doily collection….

Christmas dining table

I can’t wait to show you the rest of my Pink Blush and Gold Christmas Dining Room!

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Pink Centerpiece graphic

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